Newsletter: April 1999

Subject: The Midwives of Our Lives

Hello Everyone!

As you get older children assume even more importance in your life.
Just a few minutes ago I said goodbye to our 19 year old son, Toby, who
returned to college at Millikin University to finish off his sophomore
year. Let me tell you that this is always a painful experience for me. It
seems like just yesterday that I were diapering him and carrying him
around on my hip because he couldn’t walk yet. Memories flood my head.
When he was 5 years old we called the police because we couldn’t find him
for a couple of hours. We were frantic! Well, it turned out he was angry
at us for some 5-year-old-reason and he had hidden under his bed.
Effective revenge. But catch this: last night he made a grand statement.
He said, “I think I want to be a Republican!”  Can you imagine what this
means to a Libertarian like myself? I was mortified. And this from a boy
who was homebirthed and breastfed!  ;-)

This month the focus is on MIDWIFERY

I’ve launched a new site which is essentially a database of contact
information for midwives, doulas, lactation consultants and childbirth
educators. You can see the site here:
It is also linked from the opening page of our site:
The purpose of the site is to provide a place where people can locate
childbirth professionals around the world AND a place where people 
can learn more about these professions. 

I need your help with the new Midwives site in two ways:

1) We need many more listings. If you know any professionals who are
not yet listed on the site, please ask them contact me at
[email protected]
Perhaps we can play a small role together in creating more awareness
of gentle birthing and child-rearing alternatives.

2) Since this is a new site I would like you to explore it and to let me
know how to improve it. What might be added to make it a better 
place to visit? How can I improve the navigation? Any comments
are welcome, pro and con.


What’s new at The Compleat Mother website?

The Case for Midwives-- an essay by Leilah McCracken on
the opening page.

Mother's Poetry
A brand new section for YOUR poems. Send in your best poetry for the
natural parenting world to read.

Breast-Feeding is a Skill -- Not a Crime
from the San Diego Union-Tribune
A mother is prosecuted for the death of her child; she had rare condition
called insufficient milk syndrome.

The Shelf Life of Fear   
Short article by Duane Voskuil, Ph.D on lasting effects of mistreatment of

Marketing Infant Formula  
Read a powerful letter from Michael Latham, M.D.

Infant Worries Could Be Carried for Years
Where Does Baby Stress Go?
Linked to ABC NEWS for the full article.

Valentine for a Breastfeeding MomSound heartwarming? Nope.

Study: Solvents Cause Birth Defects   
Just one of many manmade things that do.

The Butterfly and the Episiotomy - an interesting poem

The Faulty Theology of the Ezzos
A Christian mother examines the Ezzo child-rearing theory from the
theological aspect.

The Stepford Children
The beat goes on. Read this Washington Post
article and be amazed. Noone would ever call
Gary Ezzo's followers "critical thinkers."

And don't forget to take a look at these pages where there's always
something new:

What's New'snew.htm

Dear Mother Dear


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