Newsletter: December 1998

Christmas 1998 

When I was a kid in the 1950ís my loving grandmother would take us down to Marshall Fieldís in Chicago to see the "real" Santa Claus. I had no doubts about it. The Santa sitting on the 7th floor with the elves was THE GUY. When I told him what I wanted for Christmas I considered this a sacred moment. I never questioned why Santa chose just one retail store in the whole world to talk to us. He just did. And back then Marshall Fieldís was one of a handful of stores in the whole of America which accepted returns and gave refunds with a smile. Really! Of course there were no Malls and nearly all stores were operated by Moms and Pops. Would you ask your mother or father for a refund? No way. Television was a big deal to me then, too. The Christmas season "officially" began when Santaís float appeared at the end of Macyís Thanksgiving Day Parade (on channel 2, of course). And I thought that Santa went directly to Marshall Fieldís from the float. Really. True story. The Tribuneís TV Guide was eagerly awaited during the holidays. I would feel the excitement as the day when Roudolph and Frostyís TV specials came near. But that was about it. Those two were my TV heroes for Christmas. No Grinches, no Christmas snow monsters. But the most striking of differences between Christmas 1955 and Christmas 1998 is that you could give a carton of cigarettes to your grade school teacher and she would smile and say, "Thank You!" What did we know? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Articles added in The Compleat Mother (on-line) on December 1st: The Treasure of Newborn Time What better season to rebuild connectivity with our children? A wonderful article by Elisabeth Hallett. Hepatitis Vaccine Safety Questioned Why am I reading so many articles about vaccines lately? This one is a gem. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christmas and Hanukka Wishes from Our Readers It's not too late to email me with your own greeting. I'll post it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Take a peek at the New and Improved Homebirth section! Comlete with articles from one of the finest midwives in the whole world ;-)AND fabulous waterbirth and caul pictures; AND personal homebirth stories--send me your own homebirth story and I'll publish that too. By the way, if you have any pictures you would like posted on our site just let me know in email. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Catherine vs. The Canada Post Office--Part II When Catherine's temper is aroused, I run for cover. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Q & A With Midwife Gloria Lemay This is an excerpt from Lora-Lee McCracken's new book, " Rape of the Twentieth Century." Gloria Lemay's story must be told. For this editor the homebirth/midwife issue is simply a matter of protecting our rights. This is a must-read. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Truth About Romance Well, time for some levity. Kids talk about adult stuff. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Obstacles to Breastfeeding in Israel Iíll send five Mothercard Postcards to the first person who emails me with the year in which Israel first became a nation. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tampons Are Dangerous Enough said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "The Rape of the Twentieth Century" I feel very strongly about this book because it ties in with my idea that the right to choose your birth setting and attendant is threatened in many places around the world, especially in the U.S.A. and Canada. The book has been accused of male-bashing by some; a treasure by others. The author, Lora-Lee McCracken sees it as "enflaming", as do I. Doctors are good; my dear father was one. But near the end he finally agreed with me that his peers just meddled too much in childbirth. In fact, he was quite angry about this fact. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We now have over 200 subscribers to this email list. Please ask your friends if they would like to join the list. To be added I just need their email address. My email address is [email protected] And PLEASE donít forget to subscribe to The Compleat Mother magazine. Iím running a special for new subscribers--just ten bucks for the first year subscription. Details on how to subscribe are at: Look for my new "888" toll-free phone number which will be effective on Friday, December 4th. You'll be able to call in and place an order for a subscription or something from our new store (TOP SECRET--but I'll give you a clue...the store motto is "You Can't Buy These at Walmart!"...coming VERY soon). Your "Mother" loves you! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Greg Cryns ADASTRA DESIGNS --WebSite Design and Development Your e-commerce solutions solved! On-Line Editor: The Compleat Mother Magazine E-Mail: [email protected]


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