Newsletter: February 1999

Subject: Compleat Mother Newsletter: NESTLE'S GONE TOO FAR!




“I will not live by ordinary standards.
I will not run with the pack.
I will not be chained into a routine of living which is the same for
I will not look to the ground and move on the ground with the rest so long
as there are those mountaintops, and clouds, and limitless space.”

Nicholas Van Ryn (Vincent Price), Dragonwyck

            I am enflamed. Two days ago a booklet was delivered to our
house from Nestle’s Carnation Baby Formulas. IT WAS MAILED TO MY DAUGHTER,
KATY BETH, WHO IS 12 YEARS OLD!!  I’m not saying that the Nestle Company
knew they were mailing to a 12 year old girl. Could they be that devious?
But this goes to show just how incredibly pervasive their advertising can
be (and how did Katy Beth get on a mailing list?). 

     THE BOOKLET:  10 pages long from Nestle/Carnation. It’s called “The
Very Best nutrition guide.” They are promoting their new FREE magazine to
the world. On the cover is the cutest little infant you EVER did see.
Subtitled is “4 great formula choices for your baby’s first year” and in
small print at the bottom their website address:
Inside the cover are three coupons which offer $1.00 savings on their Baby
Formula. Next page another adorable infant.

      On the third page is a token and obligatory few paragraphs on
breastfeeding They say, “Breastmilk is the most nutritionaly complete food
your baby will ever eat, which is why experts recommend it.” But wait!
Here comes the heavy bombardment! “But if you choose to use formula after
talking with your doctor, there’s no reason to feel guilty about it.
Iron-fortified formula is the next best choice to breastmilk and offers a
complete source of nutrition for your baby during her first year.” (what
about boys??)

     Thereafter follow a full seven pages of ads for their formula
product. Let’s do the math; nine pages for formula, one page for
Breastfeeding. They've justified themselves, so to speak.

          Now I ask you, dear friends, is this supposed to mollify us?
Does Nestle think we are a bunch of stupid, head-nodding
nincompoops? I beg to differ!!!

         If you feel like making a small difference in the world call
their BABYLine toll-free phone:
(I could not find their email address anywhere on Nestle’s sites); you
will probably be put on hold due to “overwhelming response.”  Just set the
phone down; check back in a few minutes. Hey, it’s not my fault that so
many people are calling them and running up astronomical phone bills, is
it? If you do get through, give them a piece of your mind!

     Catherine Young (the founder and owner of TCM) just sent this email
to me at my request: “I was raised on Carnation milk and corn syrup, along
with 60% of the baby boomer generation. Because of Nestle, we are myopic
in vision, often diabetic, tend to obesity, addictive in personality,
given to hypoglycemia and heart disease.

     Reason enough to scorn, but we really shun them because of their
aggressive formula marketing techniques in developing countries, and their
flagrant violation of the WHO code at home and abroad.”


           For years Catherine and Jody have run stories about the Nestle
(a/k/a  Nastie)company which in addition to fine chocolate also makes
Carnation baby formula. The World Health Organisation and UNICEF drew up
the “International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes” because
“one and a half million babies die every year because they are not
breastfed. Millions more become ill. What makes a woman believe she cannot
breastfeed her baby is the constant undermining of her confidence by
ADVERTISING.” Nestle violates “The Code” around the world by aggressive
advertising and delivering formula samples to new mothers.

         The Compleat Mother has very strongly urged its subscribers to
boycott Nestle and to promote breastfeeding. This includes all of Nestle’s
products: Nestle Quick, Taster’s Choice, Carnation Evaporated Milk,
Nestea, Nescafe Coffee, Carnation Instant
Breakfast, Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch and anything with Nestle’s name. 


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greg c.

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