Newsletter: March 1999



Can you imagine The Compleat Mother Magazine being sold at checkout aisles
in your local grocery store? Perhaps we'd be parked next to The National
Enquirer! We sure wouldn't mind, but it ain't gonna happen, friends. 

Catherine Young, the owner, and Jody McLaughlin, our U.S. editor,
will never get rich by publishing The Compleat Mother magazine.
Frankly, the content of our mag is a bit too nervewracking for
some people. Too "far out" I heard the other day from
a very nice lady. Another woman asked to be deleted from this
mailing list. "I don’t want to have to deal with the circumcision issue."
I don't believe she was actually opposed to our anti-circumcision stance.
She just didn't want to read about it. It can be very disturbing for a
person to wonder if what we've accepted as the norm just maybe, possibly,
might be open to questions.

Selling semitruck loads of magazines would require compromise. Catherine
and Jody will continue publish articles which they feel NEED to be
published - no matter how controversial. I will continue to seek out
information on the Web which require careful thought and often unexpected
reactions. These are activities we just are not ready for in the grocery

The Compleat Mother will go mainstream when natural parenting is the norm.
Until then, the staff at TCM will have to wait to own a Porsche.

Aliss Terpstra writes:
"I was struggling with depression and despair after the premature
birth of my first baby, feeling like a misfit because I didn't want
to leave my baby with a sitter, sleep him in another room, or give
up breastfeeding him for the benefit of the Gross National Product. 
"I decided to have my next baby at home, and nursed her and
her later sibling, also born at home, for the next seven years.
We've all reaped untold riches all because of the mother's stories,
letters and articles that appeared in this little newsprint quarterly
put together on the kitchen table of a rural Ontario sheepfarm and
a Minot, North Dakota livingroom."
Be sure to check the "What’s New" section of the
menu on the opening page. I try to post new stuff
there as it happens. Below are the highlights of
many new additions.
Side Effects of Not Breastfeeding Newborns
Many new letters
The Hazards of Flouride
(And many more new entries)
Parents Certainly Are Misunderstood!
By Steven C. Staats
New Editorial! 
(from the Winter 1998 issue)
New FORUM for Aspiring Midwives
Holy Bloopers Heard At Church
I just love these true bulletin announcements.
Product Recalls
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Mostly children/baby related-recent recalls.
Prayer For Alternamoms’snew.htm
Michael Belkin Testimony on Immunization
Michael’s testimony is incredibly riveting
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(groans from the audience noticed)
Your striving site host,
Greg Cryns

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