Newsletter: November 1998


Hello Everyone!

Until today when the wind is howlingly cold, here in Illinois we’ve
enjoyed a fantastic Indian Summer. I don’t remember when the weather
remained so warm for so long. El Nino? Hope your fall weather is equally

What’s new? Well, I’ve added a WHAT’S NEW section to the site. Is that
redundant? If you are a regular visitor you can use this as a quick
reference for new articles on the site. I will try to keep this section
updated frequently.

SINGLE PARENTS is another entirely new section. You might want to visit
there even if you aren’t a single parent. There is a FORUM there which is
reserved for single parents. The idea is that single parents have needs
for resources distinct from dual-parent families.
I am particularly concerned by the number of scam artists who prey on both
younger parents and single parents who need to generate income. They offer
“at home opportunities” with promises of earning lots of moeny; trusting
people find this come-on hard to resist. One that comes to mind is the old
“stuffing envelopes” routine. It’s a total scam. Avoid it like the plague.
Also, I know I might catch some flack for saying this, but as a general
rule AVOID ANY MLM OFFER. I will address this issue in more detail soon. 

How do you like our new “Mama’s Milk” girl? You can see her in MEET SAMMY.
The little darling is my first and only grandchild to date. I guess I can
figure on more since my wife, Yvonne, and I have seven children. This page
will soon become our EMAIL POSTCARD page. I’m working out some bugs and
hope to have it operational for you
I’m off to the midwife MANA (Midwife Alliance of North America) conference
in Michigan which starts on November 13th. I’ll give you a report about
what happened there when I get back. I have attended five MANA conferences
and I always learn something new and exciting. I go because I like to tag
along with Yvonne, who happens to be a midwife and because I like the
excitement the conference generates. 

Here are some new items added to the site very recently:

      “Bad Medicine” by Sarah Beseley of the Guradian Media Group.
      “Measles”-- to vaccinate or not? I'm thinking of devoting an entire
section on vaccines. What do you think?

     A nice poem about the effects of smoking on breastfeeding.

     An Australian Home Birth and many more new entries

     “Circumcision Motivation”--answers by a couple of physicians 
      will surprise you
     “Sesame Goof”-- unwittingly promoted bottle feeding

     “Prey for the Converted” interesting article from England

     “Application to Date My Daughter” - if you have a teenager in your
house you’ll love it; if you're a teenage daughter you'll hate it
     (My personal favorite)

Well, it’s back to work for me. 

Just remember this: you can’t take your computer with you to a soccer game
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Hello Everyone!

This is a special request to all of you and I think this will be fun. I
created a section on the site which will contain unique Christmas/Hanukkah
Wishes written by our wonderful readers. Make it sentimental or relating
to your own special cause, whatever you like. It doesn't even have to be
politically correct (when was your MOTHER ever PC?) But please keep the
length to one nice paragraph. I will post your Christmas Wishes as they
arrive. Just send them to me at  [email protected]

Thank you!

Greg Cryns
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