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Hello everyone!

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Look for two NEW sections in the very near future. The first will be
devoted to the special problems and joys of being a SINGLE MOTHER. The
second will be called tHE COMPLEAT FATHER which we hope will attract and
illuminate fathers out there who are actively involved in pregnancy,birth
and breastfeeding. Tell you husbands and/or significant others about it!
We need your letters and short articles for these sections, so please
donít hesitate to write a few lines and email them to us when you have a

THE BEST OF MOTHER (ARTICLES):  this section includes articles from past
issues plus additional articles not yet published. The newest addition is
a haunting and poignant little story called "The Gold Box".  Also "Solo in
Saskatchewan" from Heather, a single mother and one of our many
subscribers in Canada.

OFF THE LINE (NEWSY ITEMS):   "Vaccine Injured Children Wait.... " &
"Parents Sue Over Needles" - Controversial, yes. But so is breastfeeding
in public and home birth. Good reading on the vaccination issue. The Great
American Milk-In rally is over, but come see what was on the agenda and
how you can be an important part of this effort in the future. Also, a
little piece called "Hospitals Are Dangerous".

DEAR MOTHER DEAR (READER SUBMISSIONS): A short letter from Andy, a
physician in England, about his newborn who wants to breastfeed
continuously; Catherine Young responds. Other new letters here too.

LITTERS (WE GET LETTERS!): many new letters including "Nurses at the
Doctorís Office",
"Work and Mothering" and "Recovering from a Cesarean."

NOCIRC (CIRCUMCISION ISSUES):  Be sure to read "The Midwife Cried" for a
new take on the issue; and Stan Emerson from NOHARMM and NOCIRC writes two
poignant and somewhat shocking articles. This editor, for one, will never
feel the same about circumcision again.

THE MOTHER NEWS (HOT NEWS ITEMS) : "No Gerber Payout"; A novel about a
midwife; Obituary

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Greg Cryns (on-line editor)
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Catherine Young (founder-Canadian editor)


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