Newsletter: October 1999

Life is Good!

Catherine Young, founder of The Compleat Mother, had a mastectomy
recently. She wrote me that her doctor is “drop dead gorgeous”. Catherine
is doing just fine but she will be recuperating for a few more weeks
before she is back to full speed, I suspect. You can reach Catherine in
email at [email protected] if you like. I am sure she would be more than
happy to hear from you.


Here is a piece by Catherine Young from the Spring, 1996 Compleat
Mother magazine which I think you will enjoy.

from "Mother to Mother"

     An extended family of Mennonites walked my land in October and
declared it spoke to their hearts as home. Over squash and Swiss
chard from the garden they made an offer and finalized the deal while
we all sipped raspberry leaf tea.

     So we’re moving. Our new farm is 157 acres, one quarter of which
is a maple, ash and tamarack forest. There’s a big frame four
bedroom house with two staircases and a walk-up attic to house
various publishing projects and drying raspberry leaves. It is an hour
south of here, closer to the big cities, but more important, nearby a
man who walked into my heart last winter, and declared it spoke to
his, loud and clear.

     I met a woman in my new community, pregnant with her first child,
whose sister, two aunts, mother and grandmother had all suffered
from breast cancer. None had told her, between pap smears or breast
examinations that breastfeeding would offer her protection from the
disease that visits one in nine Canadian women. no doctor advised her
to nurse her child one year so she would be 40% less likely to have a
tumor, breast removed or early death. No nurse explained that if she
nursed one or two children a total of two years, she would be 66%
less likely to have yellow daffodils by her coffin and requests for
donations to the Cancer Society in her memory.

     I do believe in miracles, now. One midnight when I was freshly
single with a three-year-old that had just weaned, we were frightened
by a pair of flying bats. We all screamed and called the fire
department who said they would come over as soon as our house was
in flames. I called a carpenter who said he would be there, for $25 an
hour, first think in the morning. Enraged, I heaved one bat out the
door on the bristles of a broom. The second uninvited
radar-possessing mammal was pushed into a plastic bag, which was
tied three time, tight. Another bag covered the first with three more
hard knots and a third bag completed the incarceration, with three
more knots. The package was deposited on the front door step until

     A dozen kids gathered with my children, anxious to see the
creature that had terrorized us earlier with its membranous wings and
upside down posture from the curtain rod.

     I opened the first round of knots and removed the second bag.
Three difficult knots later and we were at the first bag. These were
terribly tight, one came loose, another eased open, and the third
allowed a good look at  ____ nothing. The bat was gone. It had

     Life seems fair today. There is a man who makes me smile through
blizzards. Breastfeeding is the answer to many of our culture’s ills,
and from time to time, evil disappears before our eyes. This morning,
the Canadian Cancer Society announced they will advise breastfeeding
protects us from breast cancer.


alive and well:


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