The Evolution of a Compleat Mother

Teen years:  oblivious to pregnancy concerns, childbirth, and all other related issues.  Mostly concerned with having a date for the big dance and wondering if that zit will be gone by then.

Newly married:  Not thinking about having kids yet -- having fun with husband, getting used to sleeping in the same bed with someone who steals the blankets and hogs the bed.  Some friends have friends who gave birth in a teepee in the desert.  I think homebirth is for nuts.  Are they crazy?

Surprise!! I'm pregnant!!    Excited but have 24/7 morning sickness.  Go to the clinic at the local hospital.   At one visit, receive educational about what will happen to me during labor.  Nurse states, "�And then you'll get your IV, your episiotomy.."   She made it sound like this was a gift.  I'm out of there.  I know this is not what I want to have happen to my body.   My husband happened to run into someone who had a homebirth with a midwife.  We're making a lot of phone calls to find out about this.

We're parents!!  The birth went just fine.  I always knew I could do it without drugs, stirrups, stitches, etc.  Baby always with me, nursing whenever.   I am told if I want my son circumcised, I will have to make a special appointment.  My husband and I had never thought about circumcision.  Grandmother's undress baby and notice he is not circumcised-they both comment on how neither Grandfather is!   I can't imagine how anyone could allow a doctor to amputate their baby boy's penis.

6 months later � Grandparents want to know when I'm going to feed him real food and how long am I going to breastfeed anyway???

Baby 1 year old:  He's eating at the table, some of what we eat.  Nurses often, too.  No playpen-I had read babies who spend time in playpens were at greater risk of spending time behind bars as adults.

Baby 15 months old:  #2 is on the way.  Pregnancy going well, but terrible morning sickness again.  We manage. 

Baby#2 is welcomed by big brother who surrounds him with little people toys and tucks some under his T-shirt.  Nursing both boys.  Grandparent's look the other way and roll their eyes at each other.  Lots of cloth diapers�fortunately I finally got a washing machine.

A few years later: Family and friends think we are nuts.  Don't we know about over-population? Don't we know how expensive it is to raise a child?    We know we love each other and love our children, and that seems right.

And so it goes � for a few more years, a few more babies, till we have seven children.  And somehow we have managed to do this without a large salary, huge medical bills or a single can of formula!

-Yvonne Cryns

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