Don't Forget Our Children When Tragedy Strikes

When tragedy strikes, peopleís stress levels elevate to a painful and unhealthy dimension. This stress not only affects adults and children living in this nightmare; an unborn baby can feel the grief and apprehension through his motherís emotions. This tiny child is just as vulnerable to the terror and shock during these tragic affairs and her emotions cannot be forgotten.

Throughout her pregnancy, a woman will experience joy, pain, hope and fear. Each one of these emotions is reflected to the child growing inside. Both by the chemicals her brain releases and the aura of her mood, a developing fetus directly experiences her motherís emotions.

It is important for a woman to acknowledge the fact that her baby is aware of and receptive to her moods. Emotions are heightened during pregnancy. A sad movie may cause hysterical tears, just as a silly joke may cause hilarious laughter. In the face of the recent tragedy, this is important to understand.

The nightmare o f September 11th caused much tears and pain. It put everyone in a heightened emotional state. A woman who is expecting may find herself in tears for no apparent reason through this trying time. This fear or sadness may come more often and more intensely that she expects. It is important to recognize this and cry. It will do the body worse to fight the emotions you feel. Do not deny the tears, but it is also vital that you seek some support during this distressing time. Talking to a counselor, friends, and family helps to make the reality more palpable and easier to deal with, especially with the already cryptic emotional reactions of pregnancy through the normal hormonal changes a woman experiences.

Finally, it is important to acknowledge the child inside. Long periods of sadness and depression can be just as unhealthy for baby as for mom. Talk to your child as issues arise and the time feels appropriate. Explain what is going on and why it makes you feel sad. Baby may not understand the details, but the tone of voice is soothing, the dedication to the child is important, and the understanding of your own emotions is a powerful healing too for both of you.

Take some time each day to recognize the good in your life. Count your blessings and share them with your baby. Just a little bit of joy can be quite contagious! Respect the sadness, grieve with a healthy mourning, but donít forget to celebrate the good. Your baby will feel your positive energy and grow in a healthy atmosphere.

We pray for our victims and heroes, but with our tears, we find new strength. Donít let our brand new little ones soak in the sorrow of this tragedy. Bless them with the joy of Americaís strength, patriotism and camaraderie. Celebrate Life.

Jill Diana Geruntho
email: [email protected] 


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