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Part 1
Today we are experiencing an ever-growing communication gap between parents, teachers and the children whom they are responsible for. Only through honest and sincere communication can we help our children to become honest, healthy and happy individuals.

Part 2
There are two basic categories; those who suppress themselves and do not communicate; and those who suppress the others by raising their voices, blaming and criticizing the others, ordering them around in various ways.

Part 3
We learned in previous chapters that in the I-message we explain to the child what we are really feeling and the thoughts, beliefs, expectations, fears and attachments that create those feelings within us.

Part 4
 Now the child himself obviously has a problem which is not allowing him or her to use his or her mental abilities to their full potential.

Part 5
A child keeps pleading to be taken to a movie, but has not cleaned up his room for several days, a job, which he agreed to do.

Part 6
A twelve-year-old is sent home by a teacher with a note stating that he was speaking loudly, using "filthy" language. What might be the parents´┐Ż reaction?

Part 7
Although their daughter agreed to be home by 12 midnight, she arrives at 1.30 in the morning. The parents are extremely worried that something may have happened to her and are quite relieved when she finally gets home.



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