So what is it about Breastfeeding that I love so much? I seem to live for these wonderous times. I am trying to put this warm, squooshy feeling into words and on to paper, so that I can share this feeling.

It seems so right, so peaceful, and so beautiful.

This is what makes breastfeeding a blissful experience for me.

-sweet milk breath on my face

-yellow breast milk poop

-my milk on her lips when she is done

-smacking, gulping guzzling sounds, especially in a quiet room full of the unelightened

-the closeness, the snuggling, the warmth

-her hand patting my breast, while nursing and between feedings

-nursing as she gazes up into my eyes, (or down, if she is doing accrobatics on top of me!)

-the dreamy look of satisfaction after nursing

-the deep breathing as she falls asleep on my breast

-holding my hand while nursing

-tandem nursing in the morning, they both seem to love this time together, and they have their own routine, and play for this

-older brother lifting up my shirt, so his little sister can find my breasts to nurse

-being able to stop her crying/hurt instantly

-the feeling of Ahhh!

-relaxing hormones coursing through my body, the drowsy, dreamy feeling after nursing a babe

-her sigh as she starts to nurse

-sucking in her sleep (dreaming about nursing?)

-a 7 month old lifting my shirt to look around

-her cries of ma ma ma ma, which mean so much more than both I love you and I want to nurse

-loud breast milk belches in public places (way to go girl, let it out!)

-after giving birth in a jacuzzi, her latching on right away, that perfect cumulation to birth, it felt so right, so good, this is how it was meant to be

-watching her get cherubic on my milk alone, those rolls and her tummy sticking out

-knowing I am helping to keep her healthy, strong and smart

-the smile and nod of another nursing mum/grandmum

-knowing I alone can do this

-the gentle tugging, drawing feeling of a little nursing one

-the tingle of let-down

-having my four year old say that nursing tastes better than chocolate ice cream

-putting breast milk on a cut, scrape, burn, eye, I have my own antibiotic right at breast

-love that flows between us, a perfect circle of giving and receiving

-all my worries melt away, and I fall into this ocean of love. It is like just for a moment, the earth stands still. I feel it connects us to all the other mothers in the world who breastfeed, and to all who have breastfed before us. What a powerful feeling. That just for a moment, the universe feels so right. It is complete and utter bliss, and I shall remember it always.

Mary Kasowski, mother to Dayln Kear 4 years, and Turin Ocean 10 months.

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