Every year more than one million American infants undergo an operation that the American Pediatric Association declared unnecessary more than a decade ago. With the exception of episiotomy, circumcision is the most common unnecessary surgery performed in the United States. Doctors, midwives and parents have an obligation to stop this contraindicated procedure. There is no reason to keep this cruelty alive. If you doubt this ask yourself this question: why are children fastened to an elaborate immobilizing device called a circumstraint which holds the infant down as he screams?


Intact America

Newborn male circumcision is the most common surgical procedure performed in the U.S. Many people believe that there are tangible health benefits to male circumcision but, the truth is no medical society in the world recommends it. In fact, the American Medical Association calls the surgery "non-therapeutic." What's worse, over 100 babies die as a result of complications from circumcision in the U.S. each year.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is developing public health recommendations for the U.S. on male circumcision � ignoring the serious risks such as hemorrhage, infection, surgical mishap, and death � in favor of highly debatable and inconclusive research.

The CDC is the foremost expert on public health in our country and, as such, has a responsibility to share the truth about circumcision.

I just took action, signing a petition to the CDC, demanding the organization release a truthful statement on the harms and risks of circumcision.

If you believe as I do, that we should protect newborn babies from harmful and unnecessary surgery, then join me by clicking the link below:



Physicians for Genital Integrity

Forced Foreskin Retraction


Please print my apologies.

My beautiful boy, Evan, I am so sorry I did not learn more about circumcision before you were born. I am sorry we made the quick and thoughtless decision to get you circumcised so you would not look different from your dad. It is ok to look different. I am so sorry I never changed your diaper at the hospital and I never saw what you looked like intact. I was ignorant. I am so sorry.

    My beautiful boy, Colby, I am so sorry  I was weak and caved when it came to the decision about your circumcision.

    I am sorry we made the decision to get you circumcised so you would not look different from your dad and your brother. It is ok to look different.

You were born in a birth center and I changed your diapers for a week before you were circumcised. Every time I saw you intact, I felt sad for Evan. I cried and talked to your Dad and others around me. But hardly anyone wanted to talk about it, or if they did, they said it was better to do it as a baby when you would not remember having it done, it would be too painful to have it done as an adult, and your self-esteem would be damaged for looking different. When I saw that device attached to you at the pediatrician�s office as he circumcised you, I couldn�t believe the cruelty. I felt so small there, like I was a kid again with no say in the matter. But I�m an adult now and I should not have been so passive. I should have fought tooth and nail to keep you intact. I am so sorry.

    My beautiful husband, I am so sorry that I was weak and passive and agreed to circumcise our boys. I am sorry someone circumcised you. None of you were allowed to decide for yourselves whether to remain intact or not. I could have given your sons that choice, but I did not. I am so sorry.

Jennifer Vaughn, Corvallis, Oregon

Doctors Re-examine Circumcision
-Thomas J. Ritter, M.D. and George C. Denniston, M.D
Order your copy today (only $15) and see a description HERE

Jewish Circumcision Resource Center - Of all the myths that Jews believe about circumcision, the one that is paramount is the belief that all Jews circumcise. With this belief, we put ourselves under tremendous pressure to conform.

Position Statement: The Effects of Circumcision on Breastfeeding
Studies have proven that circumcision impairs the health and well-being of the child.

Brit Shalom Providers
Brit Shalom is a non-cutting naming ceremony for newborn Jewish boys. It may be performed by a Rabbi or other experienced lay leader.

Videos about Circumcision

Circumcision Pictures

Genital Integrity -

Foreskin Restoration Information

Circumcision Frequently Asked Questions

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If your stomach is strong go see THIS circumcision (pictures and video).

From Men's Health Magazine more circumcision information.

Visit Tim Hammond's NoHarmm circumcision site.

Two great resources here from our good friend and activist Leo Freyer:
It's a bigger issue than you might have thought: NOCIRC

Visit Ron Goldman's CIRCUMCISION RESOURCE CENTER  a nonprofit educational organization with the purpose of informing the public and professionals about the practice of circumcision. Our mission is to raise awareness and facilitate healing

The final link site (and a good one): CIRP-Circumcision Info and Resources

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 Yeast Infections?

I have a question to pose. maybe someone can answer . I have 2 intact sons. My older son seems to get what appears to be yeast infections. I try to treat them with what I have available (OTC remedies). I was wondering what other moms do. I would love to hear of any remedies you know of. I am considering oral acidopoholis and topically applied organic yoghurt poultices. My e-mail is [email protected] .

I have also changed his diet to remove excess sugars and am considering removing as much wheat from his diet as possible. Thanks for reading this and maybe it will help another mom out there with the same problem.

Please Don't Circumcise

I work as an RN in an OB unit and  99% of all newborn boys here are circumcised. I've been a nurse 15 years, and it still makes me nauseated imagining the pain these poor, helpless, newborns must be in. I would love to strap these docs in an oversized circumstraint and stick their penises in a meat grinder and see how they feel. One effect  I've  noticed after circs is the almost state of shock these little ones go into: they're sleepy
and won't nurse, and cry when you change that bloodied vaseline gauze.

Anonymous Nurse

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Against Circumcision in Africa
by A.G.Hussein

Allow me to protest most strongly against circumcision as a protection against AIDS. I write from my field experience in Africa where I have first hand experience, often too horrible too describe in this letter, of both circumcision and AIDS in Africa. Circumcision is a cultural practice, difficult to eradicate partly because the conservative medical establishment continue to justify this medically lucratice practice on flimsy grounds.

Circumcision does not protect against AIDS, it does infact promote AIDS, and I give below my field observations: Circumcision is an invasive procedure, sterility is often compromised, and this is a cause of AIDS in Africa, since often the same rusty blade is used on several "initiates".

Circumcision leaves a scar where there is otherwise natural continous skin, this scar is more amenable to viruses than unbroken skin.

Circumcision results in lack of glans lubrication and this, coupled with the tight skin which results in the circumcised erect penis (circumcision typically amputates 50 to 70% of penile skin, leaving little if any flexible skin), sexual intercourse imposes more friction and abrading than that in the case of the intact, natural penis. This results in tiny skin tears, which allow entry to the virus.

Circumcision is viewed as an entry to adulthood and a licence to sexual promiscuity, which results in AIDS. Similarly, lack of sexual satisfaction due to the relatively insensitive circumcised penis promotes male promiscuity in search of sexual fulfilment. Circumcision has clearly no medical indication, and remains  a cultural, call it religious, practice to control sexuality by amputating a sensitive part of the human penis.  (The foreskin has nerve endings and the inner layer is as sensitive as the inner layer of the eye lids or cheeks) and de-sensitizes (by continous exposure) the glans.  Moreover, circumcision, far from being a health measure, is itself a very unhealthy procedure, resulting in  high incidences of complications such as infection ,bleeding, removal of too much skin, partial amputation of glans and damage to the urethra. In fact, meatal stenosis occurs in only circumcised boys and is referred as the "second circumcision"!

AIDS is a deadly scourge affecting all humanity, gentile or non - gentile, cut or intact, and the only safegaurds are abstinence, being faithfully to your faithfull partner and the
use of condoms.

P.O. box 90401,
Phone: 25411 433511

The Circumcision Secret          
       by Stan Emerson

I am a 51 year old, circumcised man.

By age 43 I had lost all glans sensitivity, it became difficult, at times even when I was alone, to reach orgasm and ejaculation. This is the big secret here, but of course most 'cut' men don't even know why they have difficulty with, or lose interest in, intercourse or masturbation.

Due to the awful damage to my penis, there is just no more physical sensory input to achieve or produce much or any pleasure, and the neurological triggers that lead to orgasm and ejaculation are severely damaged or not even present.

I was cut way too tightly to "restore" my foreskin with stretching, so I gave up some years ago. There was no gain at all in the time I did spend in restoration. I was born to Catholics, sexually mutilated at birth by an elderly Jew (an MD) born in Russia in 1888. I was born in Beth Israel Hospital, Newark, New Jersey. The doctor sliced off an excessive amount of the skin system of my penis so I was never able to have a normal sex life, not even during masturbation.

My goal is to make sexually mutilated men and fathers (and women too) furious (in a non-violent way) at the sexual mutilators at large today.

Circumcision was mentioned to me by my late mother when I was in 9th grade. No details, no explanation, just a mention of circumcision since it had been severely inflicted on me at birth. I did not wonder about it for decades. I heard Dean Edell, MD, on the radio about the craziness of and damage from infant circumcision. Reading more caused me anguish, alarm and finally disgust. I'm concerned about the darker, troubling aspects of this tragedy: the sexually mutilated male MD's, the Semites, and the young fathers and their fear, envy, anxiety and hatred of the normal, natural, intact penis.  I became a NOCIRC activist keen on confronting others with this atrocity and fraud.

If your husband was circumcised, he will remain sexually mutilated 'til he dies. He has a partial, man-made, desexualized, and emasculated penis. If he was forced in infancy to undergo this senseless, violent, shameful, degrading practice (posing as medicine) then he has never known the joys and sexual sensations that only the intact (not circumcised) man knows. His primary sex organ, his penis, not his brain, was surgically reduced and permanently damaged anatomically, neurologically and physiologically. What pleasure he experiences now will fade soon; in his early 40's when the glans of his penis is deadened and desensitized he will lose interest in sex. Then too he might die in denial, especially if he demands his own newborn son be circumcised to match his own partial, wrecked penis.

Stan Emerson NOCIRC and NOHARMM of Wisconsin/Madison
PO Box 3024, Madison, WI 53704.      email:[email protected]

For The Foreskin     

The more patients I see, the more unreal stories I hear. 

Today  examining a new patient,a five year old son of a Los Alamos Lab physicist and his wife (an ad agency head),both upper class from Mexico City, for mononucleosis, the father mentioned his son had some mild irritative sensation in his penis. On examination it was obvious that, although he was circumcised, there was no infectious or irritative pathology present. In the course of discussing why two highly intelligent people from Mexico  had their son (and his seven year old brother as well) circumcised, they replied in amazement that the Ob-Gyns who delivered their boys (two different doctors in two hospitals in Austin, Texas) had specifically both said that (1) By state law that   boys had to be circumcised, and (2) Only Ob-Gyns could perform the surgery.   Unreal, horrific lies.

While on rounds at St. Vincent, a guy, a friend  and patient who just turned   50, told of a new complication of his circumcision.  When his allergies act up, the head of his penis gets irritated and dry, and he has to rub on Vaseline.  His wife concurred. A bit strange, right in the main hallway of the hospital.

While examining a baby girl whose birth I attended last week, the mother told me of a horror story from Florida. Her friend  had a non-emergency Caesarian, and while she was waking up from the anesthesia, was pressured to sign permits for a circumcision. Her husband was downstairs in the hospital cafeteria, never got to sign, and the baby was circumcised before either parent even got to see or hold the baby.  When the father protested later, the physicians said it was done so the boy would look like the father and everyone else in Florida.  I strongly offered a referral to David Llewellen and Co., a lawyer in Atalanta, Georgia, suing on behalf of circumcised boys against physicians and hospitals.

   A Hindu physicist from India, in for an immigration exam, told me his only previous surgery had been a hernia surgery, done "through his penis" at age two. On exam, he had a poorly done circ with resultant chordee (curvature) to the left, and there was no evidence that there had ever been any kind of hernia or surgery for such.   He planned on finding out from his parents  what happened, and why he was lied to.

Chordee is a curvature of the penis, which is now recognized as a complication of circumcision.  It probably does not exist in the intact state; at least I've never seen one in thousands of exams of intact boys and men.  Dr Van Howe has recently done a study showing chordee occurs in a great majority of circumcisions, but it is usually recognized only later in life when the shaft curved to one side or the other would be noticeable.

When I was in medical school, Peyronie's disease, where the penis is curved from 'unkown' obliterative factors, was described as where "the man can pee around a tree."   Now at least some of us know and recognize Peyronie's disease is probably the result of circumcision, and not some rare inherent disease of the penis.

These scenarios all happened in the last three days in my family practice. Think of all the trauma stories we could and do hear, and have ignored for years, or not heard in earlier years, because we weren't listening, or asking even the simplest questions. 

Now a report from Boston University Medical Center reports a significant shrinkage in penile size seen in men who smoke.
It's late, and I've had a busy week. 
Chris Fletcher M.D., Santa Fe, New Mexico

Botched Circumcision - Medical Madness

When one of a set of infant twin boys was circumcised in 1963, his penis was damaged beyond repair. Experts at Baltimore's Johns Hopkins Medical School suggested baby John should be raised as baby Joan. The baby was castrated, surgeons created a vagina from remaining tissue and hormone treatments were given as "she" grew older. The case was widely cited in medical texts; babies are born gender neutral and wounded boys can easily be raised as daughters.

It was anything but easy. Joan was teased about "her" tomboyish looks and behavior, and was refused use of the highschool girls bathroom because "she" preferred to urinate standing. At 14 "she" decided on two options: either commit suicide or live her life as a male.

Her father tearfully explained the story of the birth, bungled circumcision and subsequent sex change. New doctors reconstructed a penis, small and without the sensitivity of a normal sex organ

Today John is happily married and the father of three adopted children.

Milton diamond, Professor of anatomy and Keight Sigmundson, Psychiatrist, Canadian Min. of Health, Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine


An acquaintance....just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in a hospital. It was her first child. She was a "difficult" patient. She would not allow them to sedate her. Her baby emerged perfect and whole. While still in the delivery room the doctors wanted to subject the baby to a surgical amputation of the last third of the skin of his penis. This is circumcision. She refused. Had she been sedated, she may not have been able to refuse.

The doctors argued with her. How dare she not obey? How dare she be so selfish as to protect her baby. She was a very difficult patient indeed. She stayed one day in the hospital. Every moment she was harassed by the doctors and nursing staff to let them circumcise her sson. When she returned home, her family started attacking her for protecting the baby. No one cared that the baby was healthy and beautiful. No one cared that he had ten fingers and ten toes ans a cute nose and shining blue eyes. They were concerned only with his penis. I call this radical and dangerous.

Frederick Hodges
Berkeley, California


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