Summer Breastfeeding Delights

Teaching About Breastfeeding

For breastfeeding to become a cultural norm once more, it is important to
include basic messages about breastfeeding in the educational system.
These can include:

** Breastfeeding is the normal way for babies to eat and
mothers and babies have the right to breastfeed free of commercial

** Breastfeeding mothers and babies should be welcomed anywhere.
They have the right to breastfeed in schools, religious buildings,
Restaurants, public transport, at work, visiting friends, visiting 
A hospital or shopping.

** Carrying a baby provides both security and stimulus to the baby’s
developing brain.

** Although mothers may need to work, babies need their mothers,
especially during the first year of life.

** Fathers can provide all the baby care that mothers can, with the 
exception of breastfeeding. Fathers can rock, talk with, change, bathe,
play with, put to sleep and carry a baby.

** Breastfeeding helps prepare the infant for adult foods and changes
to meet the needs of the growing child.

** Sleeping with babies is a normal way of caring for them, not a bad
habit that will encourage dependence.

** The images of babies bottle-feeding and using pacifiers are images
used to sell products. These products are not necessary for babies


Disposables Cause Asthma

Chemical emissions from disposable diapers leads to pulmonary irritation
and other symptoms in exposed mice, say Drs. Rosalind C. Anderson and
Julius H. Anderson of Anderson Laboratories, West Hartford, Connecticut.

The team concluded such “diapers should be considered as one of the
factors that  might cause or exacerbate asthmatic conditions.


Breastfeeding Protects Babies from Cancer

Breastfeeding for any length means a 21% reduction in the risk of acute
Lymphoblastic leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia. Breastfeeding beyond
six months gave the greatest protection.

Dr. Joseph P. Neglia, The University of Minnesota Cancer Center


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Mother's Poetry

Women’s Milk
By Cathy Allison

Women’s milk
Is hard won.
Made a year of growing creatures
Beneath their hearts and under the ribs
That are punched by twisting limbs
And heavy bodies that tear their
Belly’s skin
Mark it till it becomes a map
To places unimagined before this mouth suckled
Nipples long.


Spanked Kids, Stoned Adults

Spanking children leads to addicted adults.

Adults who were spanked or slapped as children are twice
As likely to develop drug and alcohol problems according
To a study of 4,888 adults in Ontario, Canada.

The study found those beaten as children had increased rates
Of anxiety disorders, anti-social behavior and depression,
Said Dr Harriet MacMillan, who led the study, the largest ever
Done, with five researchers at McMaster University
In Hamilton.

Over 70% of Canadian parents spank their children, according 
To previous studies. Dr. MacMillan hopes her findings will
Encourage parents to avoid violent behavior.


Make it Personal

If I talk to women about circumcision and they don’t seem to get it,
Then I make it personal.

“Imagine you are admitted to a hospital for minor surgery. Upon
waking, you realize your inner labia and the hood over your clitoris
have been cut off. When you confront your doctor he explains the tissue
that was removed was ‘redundant’ and not necessary for sexual
functioning. He goes on to say, you will be much easier to clean,
have less odor, there will be less chance of infection and he thinks
you are now better, more aesthetic. He says when he gave all the
risks and benefits to your family, they gave informed consent for
the procedure.

How would you feel?

Now imagine you were awake and resisting, but they did it anyway.”

If they don’t get it right away, they usually will later when they
Are alone.

Susan Peer, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania


We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark;
The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.
-	Plato


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We get letters…..

Being A Neighbor

My neighbor is having her third unplanned child. The first two
Were with guys that didn’t stick around. Both were born premature,
Hospitalized for months and have already been diagnosed with
Long-term problems.

The mom is unenthusiastic about motherhood and about this new
Baby. When I asked her if she was going to breastfeed she said,
“Nah, I’m not going to bother with that. I had my two kids. This
one is Pete’s (the current live-in boyfriend), so he can take care of it.”

She is uninformed about the joys, the ease and the benefits
Of breastfeeding.

I’m going to bundle up my favorite breastfeeding friendly
Magazines, mark it “resident” and put it on her doorstep.
If that won’t help, nothing will.
~ Anonomous in Vancouver

"Congratulations on another interesting issue of Compleat Mother. I liked
the New cartoons and drawings and always look ahead for a chance to use
~ David Chamberlain, San Diego, California

"Compleat Mother…something REAL in this crazy, fabricated world.”
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"Thanks for existing, providing reassurance to many dedicated parents that
Aren’t weird or unacceptable just because the western civilized culture
Can’t relate to our parenting beliefs. Keep up the voice;
You’ve been read and heard.”
~Please don’t use my name.
Not Weird, Just Not Going Public

“I’m getting braver as I get older. I don’t hesitate to tell other
Mommies that I tandem nurse, that four-year-old David still nurses
In the morning, that I’m going to homeschool, that they haven’t been
Immunized, where I bought my sling and I breastfeed anywhere.”
~ Laurie Smart, Mississauga, Ontario

“Over the past two years of reading The Mother, my whole outlook
on motherhood and womanhood has changed. What power this little
magazine generates! Also, after 3 ˝ years trying, we are finally pregnant.”
~Elke Tocher, Allenford, Ontario

“Send a two year bulk subscription….I plan to share Mother’s wisdom
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~ S. Rose Reiser, Portland, Maine

”I’m expecting my fourth child next week, but the raspberry leaves
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~Amy Bell, Boise, Idaho




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