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        Mother's Best Secrets       $14.95 

"I am a registered nurse, disgusted with our medical bureaucracy, who thoroughly enjoyed Mother's Best Secrets. I had 10+ breast infections and no less than 50 times of plugged ducts, but I stubbornly nursed him until he was three."
Heidi Jo Johnson, Moreno Valley, California


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Stretch Marks, Three Kids, 36 and Single    $14.95

"Wasn't Stretch Marks great? I had to read it three times. I didn't want it to end, ever.
           Linda Aldridge-Allenford, Ontario

"Stretch Marks is the best book ever. I was sobbing through it all."
           Nicola Bird-Toronto, Ontario

"I loved it; I felt connected by the sadness. I hope you write another novel"
           Janeen Earwood, Taylor, Michigan

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You Gotta Laugh
$2.00 each
10 for $10

Caution: Your laughter will certainly wake the baby. It's hard to be depressed with eight years of the Mother's humour in your lap. Try not to snort.

32 pages, newsprint.

BOOK2.jpg (79681 bytes) Mother's Favourites
190 pages

The best of Compleat Mother's first 3 years

"Shining through these pages are the joys a mother can experience when she totally gives herself to her infants and young children. Many of the women represented do not lead easy lives - some live in rural isolation or carry out formidable physical tasks. At the core of their strength is their experience of breastfeeding, empowered by motherhood. Delicious cartoons."
          Journal of Human Lactation

"A treasure trove of motherhood lore. Every woman should read it."
Ina May Gaskin, Midwife, Author of Spiritual Mothering

"This is the era of taking responsibilities and Mother's Favourites gives clear understanding of what the options are."
Marian Tompson, Founding Mother, La Leche League


book_bfanyway.jpg (2253 bytes) Breastfeeding Anyway

In a perfect world, every baby would eagerly breastfeed and gain well. But some have thrush, get dehydrated, bite, strike, have two tongues, are tongue-tied, need surgery, are twins, or in intensive care. You'll meet mothers who are blind, had breast reduction, cracked, bleeding and scabbed nipples, flat nipples, mastitis, kidney infection, plugged duct, thrush, surgery, pierced nipple, shingles, had only one working breast, and breastfed anyway. Not for the faint of heart; these exquisite stories make fine reading.

"Breastfeeding Anyway couldn't have been any more perfect."
     Mandy Tyler, Aukland, New Zealand

Birth Joy

Rapture, Triumph, Metamorphosis, Velvet Skin, Ecstasy, Genltly, Blissful, Heavenly, a Generous Orgasm:  This is the universal language spoken by women who birth in an environment of calm, safety, uninhibited, birth adventure. Birth Joy is the diary of two dozen births that have the common theme of enjoyment. Take away unwanted pregnancy, abuse at home, lack of food and rest, and we have a culture ready to experience delight in labour as well as throughout pregnancy and during our offspring's infancy through childhood.

BOOK1.jpg (77587 bytes) Birth Pleasure

When a young woman gives birth in an atmosphere of outrageous good fun, when the arrival of a new life is celebrated with laughter, joy and honest pride in good work well don, when the birth memory will rank as the happiest day of her life, these stories must be preserved, and shown to younger sisters who have important footsteps to follow. We all deserve birth pleasure.

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