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July 23, 2001

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Important information about this list..

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Mother to Mother - reprint from Summer 1995 Compleat Mother magazine

I know a lady whose medical-doctor-husband told her to quit nursing their nine-month old baby, or he would leave her for his receptionist. She weaned the baby; hubby took off the week after her breasts were dry.

Be strong, be strong.

I know two sisters, a single woman and her elder sister whose husband suffered from Alzheimer's disease for a decade before he died. The single woman told her sister she must not dance, date, or visit with whole men, or she wouldn't speak to her. A month after the poor Alzheimer victim died, the elder sister finally went to a single's dance and the younger sister hasn't recognized her existence, ever since.

Be strong, be strong.

I know a farmer woman who had sixty thousand dollars in the bank for three years, in a savings account. The opportunity came when she could buy her own farm, if she could only borrow ten thousand dollars more. The bank loans officer, another woman, laughed in her face, and said she wasn't a
good risk, and to go away.

Be strong, be strong.

I know a man who built his wife a house and a cottage, a studio and an exercise gymnasium for her 40th birthday. While he was busy, she had an affair with the postman, and later ran away with a twenty year old epileptic on welfare.

Be strong, be strong.

The older I get, the more I see nothing in life is simple; betrayal and unfairness are behind many hedges and probably through the next door.

But - we are strong. When the unfaithful doctor-husband left, the wise wife dried her eyes, filed her child-support payments, and I found her joy was independent of a critical mate.

The elder sister found friends of both sexes, who shared long
considerations with her, meals, trips, and yes, there was eventually a special man who shared her bed.

The bank didn't help the farmer achieve her dream, but a trust company did, and when that loan was paid, she made another for a brand new car. It gets fifty miles to the gallon, but never goes near the stingy bank.

The man whose wife left wept for a long time, then remembered he loved playing billiards, and entered tournaments, some of which he won.

They were all eventually strong. If you won't turn another page or read another line, what I'm trying to leave you with is this: Throughout your own personal trials, be strong. Mortal people, spouses, siblings, bankers, pediatricians, neighbours, whatever, will act savagely and stupidly at times. We are all, often, betrayed. Know you belong to a marvelous fraternity of other people who have looked at the grisly truth, and kept
looking until we saw a prettier picture appear.

Especially it is important to be strong when you are pregnant, while birthing, as you breastfeed and dance through life around the obstacles in your way, because then you must be strong for two, and the baby is vulnerable indeed. Often I will be hard; this magazine is a forum for you to draw strength from.

Last issue (Spring 1995) I told you my son was hit by a truck. Today he played volleyball over a net made of his crutches and walker. He beat me 5-3 then limped into the kitchen for a glass of water. Thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers. They gave us strength and joy. His recovery is remarkable.




***Good sources of calcium include: yogurt, milk, cheese,
calcium-fortified fruit punch, tofu, and greens like spinach, bok choy
("Chinese cabbage"), and turnip greens.

***The milk with the lowest protein content is human milk (1 gram %). Compare that to a rat's of 12 grams %. The fat content also varies a lot. Human milk has 4.5 grams % fat, which is a little bit less than in bovine. Marine mammals' milk has a fat content of up to 50 gramps %. The amount of
milk that mammal's drink is also extraordinary. A blue whale calf drinks 380 liters of milk each day and puts on 90kg each day!
--from Breastfeding Association of South Africa

*** Vaccines can contain preservatives, other viruses, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and detectable particles from animal cells and serum

***The measles, TB, whooping cough and diptheria vaccines were introduced after these diseases had declined. Diseases do undergo a natural decline and this is shown clearly in the history of scarlet fever where no vaccine was introduced.

***Are you aware that your child could experience any of the following adverse reactions from a vaccine? Fever, a painful red hard lump around the injection site, pallor, irritability, rigidity, unresponsiveness, interrupted sleep or excessive sleepiness, vomiting, diarrhea, inconsolable screaming, paralysis, encephalitis, infantile spasms, blindness, behaviour problems, auto-immune diabetes, immune malfunction,
arthritis, epilepsy, brain damage, cerebral palsy, death.



I was delighted, empowered, encouraged, supported and most of all in charge of my own health, pregnanacy and birth. Elijah James was born on a birthing stool in our living room into his daddy's hands. He was the biggest of our three but it was a quick, jubilant jewel in my birthing crown, the elation of which is still very fresh. Despite incredible respect I have for my midwives knowledge and skill and the role it played,
she never once let me feel it was anyone but me who was responsible for my birth. My power, my energy, my birth, my baby. No interventions, no doubts in my body's ability. Elijah was placed by his ecstatic father into my arms where he remained for the remainder of the day.

Our midwives then shared in our joy with a hearty breakfast and helped me into a herbal bath and left me with some naturopathic remedies to aid healing.
--Mary Lynn Wilson, Ontario



I always enjoy a non-mainstream magazine.
- Ann Zaks, Maryland

Thanks much for much effort toward worthwhile goas.
- Ruth Egel, Israel

Subscribed again after a three year hiatus. The Mother is even better than before.
- Monica Reid, Ontario

We enjoyed The Mother at at he Waterbirth Workshop we sponsored and feel it is an excellent addition to our prenatal packages.
- Diane Klatze, Dr. Janette Hurley, Alberta

Picked up MOTHER to shock my mother-in-law.
- Cathy Johnson, Alberta

Renew for another two years. I've included a little extra for anyone who cannot afford a subscription of alternatives to the terrifying, medically oriented, bottle/formula "Parents" magazines.
- Kim James, Arizona

I'll pass The Mother out at libraries, mother's meetings, LLL, my homeschooling group, my church, etc.
- Benita Oliver, New York

My artsy-fartsy friends can't understand the magnitude of felling generated by a grubby little banana-encrusted baby, but you can.
- Anne Pyterek, Illinois

I saw 20/20 this evening, you awful breastfeeding zealots and bullies (can't forget bullies) did a marvelous job. You've kept me as close to sane as I can possibly be in this twisted world. Latch me on to another year in bulk.
- Christine Hallett, California

I showed The Mother to my sister. She said, "I didn't know we were so different." My mother said, "I don't care for this magazine." Send us two more years.
- Melissa Zieve, Maryland


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