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The Compleat Mother Video - DVD  �Birth Joy and Raspberry Leaves�
          20 minutes of Bliss $21.00

NEW!!    "The Big Stretch" DVD presents a fresh insight into the amazing
journey each woman takes in becoming a mother.
Our sisters in Australia discuss pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and
parenthood. This 60 minute film will melt your sox.
$65. For Priority Mail add $10.

           �Birth As We Know It� This outstanding full feature DVD provides
valuable insights into the realities and possibilities of birth, and offers
the opportunity to re-experience the miracle of life. Every topic is covered
in this 75 minute film plus two bonus hours: $50 (includes postage) For
Priority Mail add $10.

            "Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering" by Sarah J. Buckley includes
the practical aspects of birthing and parenting with insight, 327 pages,
fully indexed. $30 includes surface rate postage. For Priority Mail add $10.

            �Your Body, Your Birth� Secrets for a Satisfying and Successful
Birth" CD by Lynn M. Griesemer is 80 minutes of information, inspiration and
encouragement for a rewarding birth: $15, for Priority Mail add $10.

             "Honoring Our Cycles" by Katie Singer is the beginning of a
revolution among young women who are rejecting the emotion-flattening
*hormone altering manipulation* of the last four decades. This is the most
important book a woman can own: $15, for Priority Mail add $10.

             "The Business of Being Born" the Ricki Lake film that has the
American Medical Association all a dither. This 84 minute film also includes
the option of Spanish subtitles. DVD $30, for Priority Mail add $10.

The Compleat Mother Video - DVD or PAL  �Birth Joy and Raspberry Leaves�
            20 minutes of Bliss � $21 �  For Global Priority Mail add $10.

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Birth, Joy, & Raspberry Leaves
-a new video compiled by Catherine and Amanda Young
of The Compleat Mother

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