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"The remarkable thing about my mother is that for thirty years she served us nothing but leftovers. The original meal has never been found." - Calvin Trillin

Fearless Parenting
from the book Fearless Parenting, Chapter 7 Get Engaged in What Truly Inspires!

Dear Mother Dear

Reader Letters

Medication and Lactation 
I nearly weaned my baby at nine days old.

About two weeks past due my midwife suggested an ultrasound, just to make sure the placenta was fine. I agreed, reluctantly, but in my heart I knew that nothing was wrong.

Understanding Breastfeeding
Knowing how to breastfeed should be as common as knowing how to brush your teeth.

Sisters on a Journey:
10 Best Ways to ensure the midwifery profession continues to struggle 
or How to Self-Destruct While Providing Entertainment for the Medical Community
by Yvonne Lapp Cryns

The deadly influence of formula in America  (off our site)
Editor�s Note:
This groundbreaking analysis from noted author, health educator and advocate Dr. Linda Folden Palmer is the first time a health expert has published an examination of the available scientific research comparing the death rates of formula-fed and breastfed babies. While the results hold no surprises for breastfeeding educators and advocates, the study may prove to be a rude awakening for the millions of Americans who have bought into the myth that infant formula is a perfectly safe breast milk substitute.

Rogue Midwifery: Birthing Babies on the Sly
Don't let the window blind industry keep you in the
shade on their hidden dangers!!

Blood Mysteries
In the beginning, according to the Wise Woman tradition, everything began,
as everything does, at birth.

Breastfeed Anyway
Stories of courage by women who faced challenges of motherhood and how they overcame them.
by Catherine Young, Mary-Tim Hare & Friends

Can a hospital really help?
Many times, when concerned friends, family, and strangers ask parents that are planning unassisted birth, "What would you do in an emergency?" 

10 Valuable Things Anyone Can Do To Truly Encourage Parents To Empower Themselves During Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth and Beyond
1. Adopt and express a belief in, and behave in a manner supporting, parent's rights and abilities to make and carry out the best decisions for themselves throughout childbearing processes.

Herbal Allies for Pregnant Women
Few women, however, understand that vitamin/mineral supplements are more drug-like than food-like. (opens new browser window)

Adoption vs Home-Grown by Karen Squires
We went through court and he became legally ours although he was already ours by love. (opens new browser window)

Be kind to your guts - (or you may lose your milk)
I lost my milk supply. I�ve never had that happen before and it has really made me ponder some things.

Birthin� and Readin�
As our family has gone back and forth from homeschool to a variety of public school situations, I still feel strongly that the main reason one should teach their own is the reading issue

More Effective Communication with Children
Another wonderful series in seven parts worth your consideration.

Our Children's Needs
Wonderful eight part series for your consideration.

Nice three part series about the benefits of meditation.

No truth should lead us to become indifferent to how our actions might affect others.

Love in the Garden
I�m a beginning husband and a beginning gardener, which is to say about the same thing.

Obit for a great doctor - Gregory White, M.D.
He attended the births of four of my children, three of them born at home - Greg Cryns

Breastfeeding Woes and Triumphs
When all you have ever known is the fantasy of crisp white nightgowns, antique rocking chairs and breast milk that flows abundantly, a glitch in the system is enough to rock your world.

True Terror
I was crazy, flat out psychotic when the psychiatric profession got it�s hands on me, but I really question the �care� I received from these people.

Read Rebecca Young's tribute to her mother, Catherine, and view some pictures of Catherine HERE.



Catherine Anna Young,

publisher, writer, mother, sister, daughter and friend, passed away Tuesday, September 11, 2001 at 9:30 a.m.

She was with her family, and in everyone's thoughts.

The Compleat Mother Magazine,
The Mother Tea Company, and
The Friends of Breastfeeding Society
will all continue to promote pregnancy,
birth and breastfeeding as Catherine had so tirelessly.

The support and contributions of subscribers is needed now  more than ever. Keep your letters, articles and good cheer coming.

All subscriptions and tea orders will be processed, but please be aware there may be a delay.

 In Lieu of Flowers, Please Boycott Nestle

She was fine as life could be
Hath crossed alone the narrow sea.
Why ye fear the distant shore
Since she we loved has gone before.

Read Tributes to Catherine

"I can imagine a day when heavy taxes are levied
on the sale of every can of infant formula, both
to discourage its use and to help offset the enormous 
medical costs incurred by those who use it."
        -Kathy Dettwyler, PhD



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