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Acne - Facial Washes


One of the keys to keeping acne at bay is frequent washing of the areas affected.  But you need to be careful.  Washing with synthetic detergents and soaps can injure your skin even more. Far too often, individuals with acne use products that not only strip the oil from the skin, 

but in the process leave your skin far too dry.  Usually the result of these mass marketed products is irritation to the skin that produces red blotches. Some individuals even find that they break out in a rash because of these products.


There are, however, plenty of natural facial washes on the market – and many more you can create from the ordinary ingredients already found in your kitchen.  Knowing what to use can make a huge difference in clearing up your acne.


But even before we tell you about some natural facial wash “recipes”, you may be interested in knowing that using just plain water as a facial rinse may help your acne immensely.  It’s true! Water works wonders in rinsing off the bacteria and dirt that accumulate throughout the day.  It also helps to rinse some of the excess oil that builds up.


If you’re looking for a gentle ingredient to control the oil, try aloe vera. This herb, used as a facial wash, not only clears the pores, but it also takes off the dead skin cells too that cause the clogging of the pores.  And it’s easy to use!  Simply gently rub the aloe vera on your face.  Let it dry.  You can leave it there as long as you like.  While the herbal liquid is on your skin, it’s providing your skin with vital protection.


Some herbalists also suggest adding a small amount of honey to your aloe vera.  These individuals advocate using the actual liquid gel found inside the plant itself. Gently rub this mixture on the areas where the acne has appeared.  By the following morning, they say, you’ll see a remarkable difference in the severity of your acne.


For the very best results, you need to use “all natural” aloe vera.  When you buy an aloe vera ointment from your local pharmacy, it probably contains perfumes, alcohol and other chemicals that will only irritate your skin even more!


You may also want to consider the use of citrus as a facial wash to help control acne. This choice does much more than just clear oily skin.  Simply rinsing your face with citrus juice – lemon juice is a great choice – will help to clean your pores and exfoliate your skin as well.



Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.


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