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Stay Active, Eat Right and Stay Young


Exercise is the key to youth. Like it or not, if you thin and your muscle is toned up then you will appear younger to people. This is probably because people have images in their minds about their youth when they had the thin and energetic attributes. Actually, you will feel younger too. Both issues are important, of course. 

The secret though, is that just by losing a little bit of weight or toning up your muscles, you can make the entire world think you're much younger than you actually are. By toning your muscles, your body not only starts losing some of the added body fat that's been acquired over the years, but it also firms up in places that may have started to sag and become loose and flabby over the years too.

Fat, flab, droopiness, and so on are all associated with aging. And they all reveal your age silently too. But just by getting a little more in shape, you can help your body appear more youthful than it actually is, and people will be fooled.

The other really interesting thing exercise and activity does for us though, is it makes us feel younger as well as look younger. When we start losing weight and toning our bodies, we automatically start having more energy each and every day. And more energy is always associated with youth.

Now, anyone who has tried to lose a bit of weight already knows it's not as easy as it might sound. There are many techniques you can try of course, and those include dieting and exercise. One key to losing weight though, which is also critical for looking and feeling younger, is to simply tone and strengthen your bodies muscles.

When our muscles are strong, we burn more fat and calories by default. This is because the body uses more energy to maintain those muscles than it does to maintain fat deposits. Some people - women particularly - read this and assume that it means they'll have to actually build up a lot of bulky muscles in order for it to work for them. But that's not the case. You don't need bulky, heavy muscle mass in order to burn more calories and look younger. You simply need to tone and strengthen your muscles instead.

Toning your muscles can be done with simple activities such as walking, swimming, or dancing. If you like to play sports for fun - such as basketball, tennis, or volleyball - then these activities will help even more because they not only tone your muscles, but they also burn fat while you're doing them too.

So if you want to start looking younger naturally, add some kind of muscle toning and exercising to your daily routine, and you'll soon be surprised at the results.

How your mental attitude affects your body

Being happy and having a positive mental attitude towards life in general, is believed to cure a myriad of diseases, illnesses, and chronic health complaints. The really great thing though, is that it can also help you remain looking and feeling much younger than you actually are for your entire life.

Stress and worry cause a lot of problems in life. Not only do they cause us to lose sleep - which of course makes us look horrible the next morning - but they can cause various health problems such as ulcers, and they can cause wrinkles and other age revealing problems too.

Look in the mirror and make a frown. Pretend you're concentrating hard on something, worrying about something, or you're ticked off about something. Try to make the normal face you usually do when you're unhappy, mad, or worried in real life. Now, when you make this expression, take note of the various areas of skin on your face. You'll most likely notice one or more areas where there are deep creases. These could be around your mouth, on your forehead, or between your eyes.

Where ever those creases are, is where you will develop your first set of wrinkles... if you continue to let stress and worry be the primary feelings of each day.

Stress and worry make us age faster than we should. They also exhaust us mentally and emotionally, both of which make us appear older than we are too. By releasing that stress and finding ways to be happy and content with life though, you will find yourself smiling more, having a more relaxed and serene expression, and looking much younger for many more years than average.

You will also feel happier too, and this in turn also makes you feel younger. You have hope, a positive outlook on the world, and a confidence to your attitude and body language that cannot be mistaken.

Now, releasing stress and worry is not something that can be done overnight. It takes time and effort, because it's a change of habit. Habits can be changed though, as long as you work at them long enough. In most cases just about any habit can be changed within about 30 days, but some will take longer of course because they've been with you longer.

There are excellent resources everywhere these days to help you releive stress and change your mental attitute towards life though. One of the best is to take a Yoga class. This not only relaxes you and helps you feel more at peace with the world in general, but it also serves to help work your body and make it stronger too.

Meditation is another wonderful technique to use for relieving stress and changing your mental attitude towards the world too. You could also try hypnosis techniques, physical activity, support groups and friends, or professional help if you'd prefer these methods instead.

How What You Eat Can Keep You Young

Food is life for humans. Unfortunately, we've bastardized what we call food these days, and now instead of giving us life, it's often giving us chronic illnesses and diseases instead. And it's making many of us old way before our times.

The effects of time and age can be reversed though, and food is one of the easiest ways to do it. Food - chosen properly - can nourish our bodies, revitalize them, give us more energy, and make us look younger in the process too. Choosing the right foods is vitally important to this process though.

Much of the foods eaten today are highly processed. They contain chemicals, pollutants, toxins, and other things which are simply bad for our bodies. And when we eat these foods as our primary source of nourishment, we are continuously poisoning our bodies, and making them work that much harder to get rid of all the bad stuff we're putting into them.

By simply changing what we're eating most of the time though, we can start an amazing process which not only helps us start looking younger, it makes us feel younger too. The right foods can give us tons of energy, because they provide the vitamins and nutrients our bodies need to function at full capacity. These foods also have much less toxins, chemicals, and other pollutants in them too, so we're helping our bodies to not wear out as quickly since they're not having to work so hard at getting rid of all that stuff.

The best foods to eat for keeping ourselves looking and feeling younger naturally, are of course natural foods. Now this doesn't mean we have to turn into rabbits and eat only salad greens. Humans need the nutrients which are only found in meat sources too, so high quality protein must be a part of our daily diet.

Besides protien though, our bodies are sorely lacking in basic vitamins which usually come from the foods we eat. And many of us try to supplement those foods by taking synthetic vitamins, not knowing that those don't work nearly as well for us. Synthetic vitamins only contain certain things. They cannot mimic the true and complete balance of vitamins that we get from foods, because man hasn't discovered all of the vitamins that are out there yet.

In fact, back in 1977 we only knew about 15 essential vitamins. By 1980 though, there were at least 20 vitamins "discovered". So there's no telling how many more vitamins and minerals are out there naturally in Nature, that we simply don't know about yet. By taking synthetic vitamin supplements, you're most likely depriving your body of other unknown nutrients that are needed daily.

Another reason to use food for nutrition instead of vitamins, is because of something that's becoming more and more clear with every new research project and scientific study: Isolating just one aspect of a healthy vegetable or fruit does not give you the same health benefits as eating that entire vegetable or fruit does. There are other things at work in the natural substance, that cannot be duplicated with synthetic vitamins.

So to start looking and feeling younger using foods, you must start eating a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and high quality proteins.


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