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Aging Overview


The Effects Of Time

A reality in everyone's life is that time passes. And as time passes, various things happen that affect our health, our energy levels, and the way we look too. How fast the effects of time and age actually happens to us depends a lot on how we 

care for ourselves throughout our lives though. And there are many things we can do each day to help slow down the natural effects of time, and stay looking and feeling younger for many more years than our peers.

Time takes its toll on us in many ways too. We may eat badly for years for instance, and this causes us to age faster than normal because we're not getting the nutrition we actually need. We may also lack the proper amount of exercise, or we may surround ourselves with environmental toxins which wear our bodies down faster too. Let's look at each area where time can take quicker tolls than normal, then we'll look at each in additional detail too.

1. What we put in our body makes a bigger difference in how fast we age than many people seem to realize. There are foods we can choose to eat which will help us stay younger looking, healhier, stronger, and full of youthful energy for many more years in our lives. There are also foods of course, which will cause our bodies to wear down faster than they may have otherwise too.

2. What we surround ourselves with also has a major effect on how fast we start showing our age. Working in toxic environments with heavy chemicals being breathed or touched each day for instance, or simply living in an area which has high amounts of pollution can all cause us to age much faster than we might normally have without those contributing factors. Environmental toxins are actually a major cause of premature wrinkling and various skin problems which make us look older faster.

3. What we do - or what we don't do - with our bodies is another major factor in how young or old we look. By not exercising regularly in some form, we often start looking much older at a much faster rate. By exercising regularly though, we're able to keep ourselves looking more young for longer, plus we're able to maintain energy levels we had at younger ages too.

4. How we think also has a major impact on how young we look and seem to the rest of the world, plus it contributes to how we feel about ourselves too. Mental attitude may actually be the number one influence on how young or old we feel and seem to the rest of the world, and since we can control how we think and feel about things going on in the world around us, we can portray an aura of youth as much as we'd like.




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