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Cancer: Alternative Treatments


Alternative Treatments for Cancer
Introduction to Cancer

Cancer is a condition that occurs when cells in some part of the body begin to grow out of control. Unlike normal cells, the growth of all cancers is not under control and this is what makes them dangerous. Cancer cells utilize all 

the bodyís energy to continue to grow in an endless, uncontrolled fashion. These cells lose all normal physiological activity and do not respond to any of the bodyís normal control mechanisms. As the cancer cells grow and reach a certain size, they spread to other parts of the body. This process, called metastasis, occurs as the cancer cells get into the bloodstream. 

Cancer cells develop because of damage to DNA. DNA is the very essence of life and governs all the activities of a cell. In normal cells, when DNA is damaged the cell has the ability to repair it. In cancer, the DNA is not repaired. The damage to the DNA can occur while smoking, from sun exposure or from other environmental toxins. Different types of cancer can behave very differently. They grow at different rates and respond to different treatments. That is why different people with cancer need different treatments

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States. More than 50% of men and at least 33% of all women in the US will develop cancer during their lifetimes. Today, millions of people are living with cancer or have had cancer. The latest data released by the American Cancer Society indicates that Americans now are at a lower risk of dying from cancer than 2 decades ago. However, the rate of new cancers is the same as in previous decades. The decrease in death rates has been attributed in part to reduction in tobacco exposure, earlier detection and more effective treatment.

Among women, incidence rates have decreased for:
∑ colon and rectum cancers
∑ uterine and ovarian cancers 
∑ head and neck cancers 
∑ stomach cancers 

Among men, incidence rates have decreased for:
∑ colon and rectum cancers 
∑ stomach and lung cancers
∑ head and neck cancers

However, in men there has been an increased incidence of cancer of prostate, liver, kidney, esophagus, skin and multiple myeloma. In women, lung and skin cancers are on the rise.

Alternative medicine is fast becoming an accepted treatment for many individuals with cancer. Even though these therapies are not accepted as part of conventional medicine, most individuals use them because they are dissatisfied with the costs and results of current day modern medicine.

A wide range of alternative treatments have been offered for cancer over the last century. The appeal of alternative cures arises from the daunting risks, costs, or potential side effects of many conventional treatments, or in the limited prospect for cure. Estimates of success rates with alternative therapies vary widely. What works for one patient or type of cancer may fail with another patient having the same or a different malignancy.

Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.

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