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Cholesterol: You May Need a Lifestyle Change!


You need to know that heredity has a lot to do with the total cholesterol you have in your body. So, sometimes changing your routines will not necessarily help your health. Not too long ago, it was commonly thought that 

having a total blood cholesterol level above 200mg was dangerous and cause for immediate use of prescription medications. It has since been learned however, that the total blood cholesterol level is not a good measuring stick for determining your heart health, or your risks for developing heart related problems. Some people naturally have higher total cholesterol levels than others do.

Now the ratio of good to bad cholesterol is important though. You should strive to make natural, healthy lifestyle changes that will help boost your HDL cholesterol levels while lowering your LDL at the same time.

One of the best natural ways to help keep your cholesterol levels at a healthy balance, is to get some exercise each day. Even thirty minutes of moderate exercise each day will help maintain your cholesterol and heart health. Exercise forces your blood to move more quickly through your body. And when you have extra cholesterol in your blood, the speeding up of the movement will help the body dispatch that excess cholesterol more quickly. The pumping of your blood will also help "clean" your arteries and veins too, because the blood will pick up, break apart, and carry away any build up of deposits in your arteries that could cause a potential blockage in the future.

Changing how you eat is another very important natural way to manage your body's cholesterol levels and ratios too. Saturated fats are not good for you, but you need to realize this doesn't include all types of fat. Some people feel they should stop eating all red meat because it contains saturated fats too, but this is not a wise move for the overall health of your body. Red meat contains nutrients and vitamins that our body's need, and those nutrients can't be gotten from other types of foods. So if you're worried about meat having too much saturated fat, simply reduce the amount you eat, but don't remove it from your diet completely.

A best first move however, is to remove or drastically reduce the amount of simple sugars and starches you eat each day. New research has emerged which shows sugars and starches actually cause plaque build up in our arteries, and these build ups can cause blockages which lead to heart attacks and other heart problems.

There are several vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are particularly helpful to keeping our heart and circulatory system strong and healthy too, so changing how you eat is an important step in the right direction. 

Removing simple sugars and starches as we've mentioned, will help reduce the amount of potential plaque build up in your arteries. And the less plaque build up you have, the less chance you have of getting a blockage big enough to cause a heart attack or other heart problems.

Adding fruits and vegetables to your daily diet is important too though, because these foods help provide you with the extra vitamins and nutrients needed to keep the heart healthy. Vitamins E, A, and C are essential to helping keep our heart and circulatory system healthy, as is potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium and chromium. These nutrients can be gotten by taking vitamin or herbal supplements each day, but you should also try to include as many healthy food choices as you can to supply them as well.

There are a variety of herbal supplements which can be used to tone, strengthen, and maintain your heart and circulatory system too. These herbs don't specifically adjust your cholesterol levels directly though. Instead, they work on the overall systems related to the heart and health of your body, which has the side effect of helping to normalize the blood cholesterol levels at the same time.

Herbal supplements which are rich in vitamins and nutrients naturally, are the best choices to use for daily general vitamin intake. Alfalfa for instance, is very high in a wide variety of vitamins and minerals plus it helps your body assimilate and use other herbs and plant based foods more effectively.

Parsley is another vitamin packed herb which is excellent for everyday health and wellness use. Parsley has three times more Vitamin C than citrus, plus it's rich in calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and many other nutrients your body needs daily.

Kelp is an herb which is very rich in a variety of B vitamins as well as potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron too. Kelp also helps regulate your thyroid, which has the added benefit of boosting your body's energy levels and metabolism, and that can help you lose weight. Losing weight of course, is one of the first recommendations for getting your blood cholesterol levels under control too.

Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.

Beating Cholesterol
Safely and Naturally …Now!

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Beating Cholesterol
Safely and Naturally …Now!


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