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The Effects of Constipation on Your Liver and Gall Bladder


Do not ever underestimate the importance of keeping both your liver and your gall bladder in top notch health! These two major organs are directly involved in keeping your body clean on the inside. They both process and 

filter bacteria, toxins and many other substances that are in our bodies. Keeping these organs pure will affect our overall health in a very good way.

The liver is the primary waste disposal organ in our bodies. Its job is to filter out wastes, toxins, bacteria and other poisonous substances from our blood. The liver creates bile from this waste and sends it on to the gall bladder, which in turn sends it into the small intestine. When the liver or gall bladder are having problems, the toxins may not be filtered out of blood stream well enough, or the waste may get stagnated and start leaking toxins back into the blood stream. When this back up or leakage occurs, it causes problems for other bodily organs and functions.

Usually you can help the liver and gall bladder stay healthy by simply keeping the bile flowing regularly. Because when bile backs up, that can cause damage or stagnation throughout the entire system. With that said however, there are also several herbs that can either help to move things along, as well as help the liver and gall bladder do their jobs.

Here are several herbs which help clean, heal, and maintain the liver and gall bladder:

Dandelion is a weed which grows almost everywhere, and it's a wonderful herb packed full of vitamins and nutrients. Dandelion helps cleanse the liver by increasing its activity and increasing the flow of bile into the intestines. Dandelion is even considered an excellent herbal remedy for treating hepatitis, which is a liver disease.

Horsetail is an herbal diuretic which is useful for expelling worms and parasites. Sometimes liver and gall bladder sicknesses are due to the presence of parasites, so expelling them is considered standard procedure.

Yarrow is an herb which regulates and tones the liver, plus it has healing affects on the glandular system.

Ginger is an herb which acts as a cleanser for both the kidneys and bowels, and helps remove toxins from the body.

Yellow Dock is a natural laxative which helps with liver congestion and expels worms and parasites. Yellow dock dissolves mucus and moves it through the system, plus it cleans the lymphatic system. Yellow dock is another herb which has been successfully used to treat hepatitis.

Discover How To Get Rid Of Constipation Using Natural Remedies. All Aspects Of Colon And Constipation Are Covered

Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.


Discover How To Get Rid Of Constipation Using Natural Remedies. All Aspects Of Colon And Constipation Are Covered

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