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Crohns Disease Complications


Crohns disease has a number of complications. Some of these are diarrhea, intestinal blockage, internal bleeding and digestion problems. In addition, this disease has a 

relation to skin conditions, arthritis, infections, eye problems and kidney stones.

Modern medical science isn't quite sure why all of these complications can arise with Crohns disease, but herbal and alternative remedy specialists feel they have the answer. Crohns disease is a colon related health problem, and when your colon is unhealthy, the rest of your body is too.

The liver, small and large intestine, and bowel are the primary means for waste and toxin disposal by your body. When one or more of these elements is unhealthy, it can have a severe impact on the rest of your body.

Just having a backed up colon can cause a variety of chronic conditions and health problems. Some people for instance, will experience skin eruptions and build up such as with Psoriasis, while others may experience problems with their appendix, gall bladder, and kidneys.

The basic premise is simple when you know how the colon and waste disposal system of your body works. Bile is created by the liver as a by product of filtering out toxins and other harmful substances from your body. That bile is sent through the intestines, and slowly moves through in the form of solid waste. Eventually it's disposed of through your regular bowel movements.

If a person is not having regular bowel movements however, that waste and toxic material stays within your digestive system. And if it stays there too long, it can create infections, and leak toxins into other organs and areas of the body through your thin colon walls, all of which creates various other health problems. Often there are parasites within the intestines and bowels too, and these can create additional infections, inflammations and misc health problems which often seem completely unrelated. The colon however, is connected to every part of your body. And it can have a dramatic effect on every part of your body too.

So by simply cleaning the entire colon, you can potentially resolve many misc health and medical problems because you're flushing old toxic waste out instead of poisoning your body with it.

Most of the complications noted as being caused by Crohns disease are often treated by herbalists in similar manners. The success of this approach alone suggests these herbal and natural approaches are actually on the right track with potential causes of diseases and health conditions.

Fighting infections naturally for instance, is done with herbal antibiotics or antifungals such as garlic. These same herbs will kill parasites and fungus related bacteria in your system, which will in turn reduce chronic inflammation such as that commonly seen with Crohns disease. 

Internal bleeding of the intestines, another common complication of Crohns disease, can also be treated with herbs such as Cayenne. Treating for an infection and toxic build up at the same time is essential however, to prevent future flare ups and problems which originally caused the inflammation and bleeding to begin with. Using other herbs and remedies which sooth the inflammed tissues can help with pain complications in addition to the inflammatory problems as well.

Intestinal blockages are also treated with colon healing herbs and remedies. Flushing the colon with an herbal enema for instance, will clear a colon blockage quickly. Taking herbs which flush the colon is another method for clearing a blockage naturally.

So, from an herbal and natural remedy philosophy, cleansing and healing the colon will normally resolve most - if not all - so called complications which arise from Crohns disease.

Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.

Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide Written By a Patient, For Patients


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Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide Written By a Patient, For Patients

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