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Crohns Disease


Crohns disease symptoms are much like those of irritable bowel syndrome and digestive disorders. Whether you choose regular medical intervention or natural 

treatments, it is imperative that you know what disease you are treating. 

Appendicitis for instance, has similar symptoms to other digestive disorders. It's caused by an inflammation or blockage of the appendix, which is a small finger shaped pouch which is attached to the upper area of your small intestine. Sometimes the appendix is blocked by fecal matter or other substances, and that can cause symptoms similar to Crohns disease such as fever, diarhhea, and abdominal pain.

There are no known alternative or herbal treatments to cure or prevent appendicitis though, and the only modern medical treatment known for this condition is surgery. Appendicitis happens most often in children ages 10-20, but it can occur at any age. And it can be a life threatening condition within 48 hours too, so getting quick hospital attention is essential.

Another digestive tract disorder that's quite similar to Crohns disease is known as Celiac disease. This is a genetic disorder that tends to affect people of European descent, but it's also been known to affect Hispanics, African Americans and Asians as well. Celiac disease is caused by an intolerance of gluten products. Injesting gluten products such as wheat, rye and barley will damage the intestines of a person with Celiac disease.

Symptoms of celiac disease can be quite similar to crohns disease and even apendicitis in some ways. Abdominal pains, diarhhea - sometimes with blood, failure for children to grow at normal rates, lack of appetite, weight loss, and mouth sores. Treatment of celiac disease however, is a simple matter of avoiding gluten in your diet.

Ulcerative colitis, sometimes referred to as simply colitis, is yet another digestive related disease which is quite similar to Crohns. Also like Crohns, the causes of Ulcerative colitis are not really known, but some specialists think it's caused by a problem with the body's immune system attacking the colon.

The main difference between ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease is the location of the inflammation. Crohns is found most often in the small intestine, and the inflammation usually runs deep into the intestinal lining. With Ulcerative colitis however, the inflammation is in the top layer of the intestinal lining, and is found more often in the large intestine instead.

From an herbal perspective, Ulcerative Colitis is treated much in the same way as Crohns disease, because they're believed to have the same root causes.

The point of this article however, is to stress the importance of being aware of the various diseases and conditions that could be causing your problems. Knowing what's going on is always the very first and most important step to any kind of treatment, management, or cure.

Using Herbs to Heal Crohns Disease

As touched upon in a previous section of this series, many of the side effects, symptoms and complications can be treated and managed using simple herbs or herbal remedies. What many people don't realize though, is that the problems might be curable using these same herbs and herbal remedies too.

This is a controversial topic as we've discussed previously, and part of the controversy stems from differing beliefs about the possible causes of Crohns disease. There is also very little scientific evidence or studies which have been conducted on using herbal and natural remedies to treat or cure diseases. Some people feel this lack of evidence and study is caused by the fact that pharmaceutical companies are unable to make large profits on herbal products, because they can't be patented. Whatever the reason though, many thousands of people have used herbs and herbal remedies successfully for thousands of years, and they continue to do so today.

Once your Crohns disease symptoms and complications are under control, it is time to help your body start healing itself. Just using the herbs already to control and reduce symptoms is an excellent first step, because many of these same herbs are used in the healing process as well.

Slippery Elm for instance, which may have been used to help soothe the inflammation of the intestinal lining, can continue to be used for ongoing soothing and healing. Since this herb heals as well as soothes, Crohns disease sufferers may want to consider adding it to their daily vitamin and herbal intake for several weeks to a month.

Garlic is another very important herb that's used in the initial steps for controlling symptoms and complications of Crohns disease, and it is yet another one that should be used regularly for several weeks. If the inflammation of your intestinal tract lining is caused by bacteria, fungus, or other infections, the garlic will heal those infections and kill the harmful bacteria in your system.

Garlic will normally clear up most infections within 7-10 days, so how long you take it will depend on the severity of your particular case. Continuing to take garlic for several weeks or months however, will go a long way towards helping other areas of your body to heal, become balanced, and more normalized. Garlic will also help expel any parasites that might be in your colon or other organs.

Other herbs and remedies to use for healing should revolve around liver and colon cleansing, toning, and improved functionality. Some people might prefer to go on a full detox juice diet, to help cleanse and flush their body quickly. The lemonade diet is a good option for liver cleansing particularly.

Other less drastic approaches simply include adding certain herbs to your daily routine. Dandelion for instance, is a must for cleansing and toning the liver. Yellow Dock is another excellent liver toning herb.

Capsicum, a.k.a. Cayenne, is an herb that should be used as well, because it helps stimulate your body into healing faster.

Colon Cleansing To Treat Crohns disease

Colon cleansing is a process which flushes out your entire digestive tract quickly, pulls mucus and parasites from the colon, and helps remove toxic wastes and poisons fast. The faster these things can be removed from your body, the faster your body is able to start healing itself.

Using enema based colon cleansing solutions also allows you to use herbs in other ways. Instead of - or sometimes in addition to - ingesting the herbs and remedies by mouth, you add them to the enemas for direct cleansing, bacteria fighting, coating and soothing of the colon and intestinal walls.

Using enemas for healing is a distasteful thought for some people when they first hear about it. However since many Crohns disease sufferers may be facing drastic measures such as surgery to remove part of their intestines, this might not be so objectionable as it might have previously been. Colon cleansing can be accomplished without enemas however, the process simply takes a little longer to accomplish.

If you choose to use enemas for colon cleansing however, there are several herbal based ones you should try, for the same reasons the herbs are taken orally.

A garlic enema for instance, will kill parasites, pull mucus from the colon, and help fight infections anywhere in the body. Catnip enemas can help soothe the entire digestive system, bring down fevers, and reduce or stop pain. Cayenne enemas can stop internal bleeding of the digestive tract. Slippery Elm enemas help coat the inflammed tissues of the intestinal lining, and help relieve diarhhea while starting the healing process. Aloe Vera enemas will also coat the colon walls and start promoting healing.

An alternative way to do a colon cleanse without using enemas is to change your diet, and a third way is to simply take colon cleansing herbs.

Changing your diet to a juice fast for a week or two is usually an excellent way to cleanse your colon and all major organs in your body. One of the best to use for liver and colon related problems is the lemonade juice fast, but using any type of fruit or vegetable juices is fine for fasting. When it's time to come off your fast though, be sure to do it slowly and properly.

Alternatively you can simply use colon cleansing herbs. Some of these will stimulate bile production in the liver, some will stimulate the intestines and colon to move waste out faster, and some will act as intestinal "scrubs" or "broom" to flush out old, sticky, hardened fecal matter.

Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.

Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide Written By a Patient, For Patients


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Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide Written By a Patient, For Patients

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