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Current Treatments for Crohns Disease


At this time, science and medicine have not found a real  cure for Crohns Disease. Thus, the treatment efforts involve managing symptoms. There are many different treatments 

used to try and control or reduce the symptoms of Crohns disease and the complications it can create within other areas of the body.

Which treatments are chosen depend on the specifics of a given Crohns disease case. How severe the disease is for instance, or where it's located in the body are two considerations. Others treatment factors to consider include what complications are already in progress, and how the patient has responded to previous treatments.

Much of the treatment for Crohns disease revolves around correcting vitamin and nutritional deficiences, controlling or stopping the bleeding, controlling inflammation, and relieving other symptoms such as pain and diarrhea. Crohns disease treatment methods usually involve the use of drugs, nutritional supplements, or surgery. In some cases a combination of these treatments is used.

Modern medicine currently feels it's possible to use treatments to control the disease, but there is no known official cure. Some people can go into remission from Crohns disease though, and sometimes that remission can last for years. Unfortunately the sporadic remission patterns make it difficult to know if any one individual or combination of treatments caused the remission.

When drug treatments are tried for Crohns disease, there can be a variety of different medications involved. Many attempt to reduce inflammation, and some of these contain a substance known as mesalamine. Unfortunately there are side effects from these drugs, some of which are the same as the disease symptoms. Side effects from drugs containing mesalamine can include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and headaches.

An herbal anti-inflammatory option which doesn't have these common side effects is White Willow, but this is not known to be used by most modern medical professionals. We'll go into further detail about herbal remedies and treatments later in this series.

Another type of prescription drug which seems to be more effective on active Crohns disease are those which contain corticosteroids. These unfortunately can leave you more susceptible to infections though, and they too contain some unpleasant side effects.

Then there are immune suppressing drugs used for treating Crohn's disease as well. These drugs attempt to supress the immune system which causes inflammations to occur. The problem herbalists see with this approach of course, is that supressing the body's immune system is supressing one of it's primary defense mechanisms. And this leaves your body more susceptible to additional infections or diseases.

Doctors often treat Crohns disease with antibiotics however, because of the common problem with fistulas becoming infected. Bacterial overgrowth is also found to be quite common with Crohns disease sufferers, and these bacteria again can create additional infections or other health problems.

The diarrhea and stomach pain is often reduced or eliminated with the reduction of inflammation, but sometimes doctors will prescribe additional medications to treat these symptoms, as well as fluids and electrolytes for those who have become dehydrated from the chronic diarrhea.

Surgery is sometimes used to remove part or all of the intestines. Unfortunately this will help with the disease, but not fully cure it. It's not uncommon for the area right next to a previous inflammation, to become inflamed itself.

Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.


Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide Written By a Patient, For Patients

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Breakthrough Crohn's Disease Guide Written By a Patient, For Patients

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