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Alfalfa: The Father of All Foods

Alfalfa is sometimes called the Father of all Foods, or The King of Plants, because it is extremely high in many vitamins and minerals. Just some of the vitamins Alfalfa is rich in are calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, 

sulfur, and chlorine as well as trace elements essential for the overall health and vitality of the human body.

Alfalfa is an excellent source of both Vitamin A and Vitamin K. Vitamin A helps prevent cancer and boost the body's immune system, while Vitamin K can help with peptic ulcers plus it promotes healthy blood clotting too. 

Alfalfa is often the herb used in chlorophyll supplements, because it contains the highest amount of chlorophyll than any other plant. Alfalfa also has eight essential amino acids, and these can't be made by the human body, they have to be acquired through the foods we eat or supplements we take.

Alfalfa is also often used in combination with many other herbal supplements, because it allows the body to quickly absorb, assimilate, and use the other plant based elements. Additionally, alfalfa is a natural source of flouride so it helps to prevent tooth decay plus it can even help rebuild decayed teeth too.

The high vitamin and mineral content in alfalfa make it an ideal choice as a general, natural all around daily multi-vitamin. The high chlorophyll content in this herb makes it useful for many of the same things chlorophyll is useful for, such as neutralizing bad breath or body oders, calming digestive problems such as gas and indigestion, and clearing up skin problems such as acne and excema.

Other things alfalfa has been used for over the years include appetite problems, treating arthritis, as a blood clotting agent, as an intestinal scrub, cleansing the kidneys, for morning sickness or other nausea, to strengthen the pituitary gland, to treat rheumatism, and to treat other skin and stomach related disorders.

Alfalfa is best taken in supplement form. The sprouts can be added to salads and used to create green drinks as well, but for a good daily dosage the supplements often work best. Be sure not to buy hardened pills which don't dissolve easily though, because these often will not be fully utilzed by your body. These types of packed pills are often filled with non-essential filler ingredients too, and not much alfalfa itself.

Buy instead the supplements which are gelatin capsules filled with ground or powdered herb alone. This way the supplement will dissolve quite quickly after being swallowed, and your body is able to start using the herb right away.


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