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Black Walnut: The Parasite Killer


Black Walnut is an herb that's not commonly known about, probably because it has some pretty specific primary uses. Generally black walnut is mostly used for killing or expelling parasites from the body both internally and externally. What many 

people don't know - or maybe don't realize from the initial description - is that this is quite effective for use against some of today's common fungal infections such as athlete's foot or toenail fungus infections.

Black Walnut is a fantastic herb to use for any type of fungal infection actually. Cold sores and thrush for instance, also known as Herpes and Impetigo, can be treated successfully by simply "painting" the sores with Black Walnut tincture or extract.

Like many herbs which are excellent as natural medicines, Black Walnut is high in nutrition too. Specifically it's high in potassium, manganese, and iodine. The iodine is actually what makes this an excellent antiseptic and anti-fungal herb. Iodine is well known for killing harmful germs and bacteria, and natural sources of iodine are no different than man made versions. They both work extremely well for killing fungus, killing harmful bacteria which is causing sores or infections, and cleansing injured areas too.

Iodine is one way to relieve strep throat for instance. By getting iodine to come into contact with the back of the throat, the strep bacteria is killed and the strep throat clears up. Black Walnut tincture can be used to paint the back of the throat for this, or it can be mixed into tea or other drinks so that it bathes the back of the throat while being swallowed.

Taken as an internal supplement, Black Walnut helps to balance the body's blood sugar levels and regulate body fluids, plus it helps provide food to the muscles and nerves, and it contains natural fluoride too which allows it to help build and strengthen the enamel of your teeth.

Since Black Walnut is often used for external applications on cold sores, athlete's feet, boils, canker sores and more, it's most commonly found and used in liquid forms such as oils, tinctures, and extracts.

This is an excellent tincture to have on hand particularly when children are around, because it can be used for a wide variety of common childhood problems or injuries. It's ideal for treating poison ivy and poison oak for instance, plus as we've mentioned it will clear up cold sores and impetigo. Black Walnut also expels parasites from the body, including ones kids commonly get such as pinworms, tapeworms, and ringworms.

Black walnut is also useful for treating eczema, dandruff, and other skin rashes or eruptions as well.


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