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Cayenne: The Hot Healing Herb


Cayenne is a type of hot chili pepper. This herb is also known as Capsicum, and it's a very important herb to have as part of your natural medicinal arsenal. Cayenne is an excellent healing herb, because it stimulates the body's natural healing processes and helps speed up the healing process. It's particularly useful to 

use mixed with infection fighting herbs, because Cayenne acts as a catalyst to help increase the speed at which the illness goes away.

Cayenne is quite high in Vitamin C, so it's nutritional as well as medicinal and it's excellent to take when a cold or the flu starts. Cayenne is excellent to stimulate all areas of the body, and if taken regularly it can help all parts to heal, cleanse, and function normally.

Cayenne is a first choice herb to use for circulation problems or to maintain the health and wellness of the entire circulatory system. It helps feed the cell structures of arteries, veins, and capillaries, which helps them regain their natural elasticity. Cayenne also helps regulate blood flow. Almost immediately upon taking it in supplement form, or eating it on food, the pulse is made stronger. The frequency of the pulse is not increased though, just the power of it. Cayenne's effect on the circulatory system make it an excellent choice for regulating blood pressure too - it helps with both high and low blood pressure problems.

Many people aren't aware that Cayenne is wonderful to use for bleeding problems too. It can be taken internally to stop internal bleeding for instance, and it will reduce blood flow or stop it completely when someone is hemorrhaging.

Externally Cayenne works the same way: Just sprinkle the powder on a bleeding wound and the bleeding will stop. This works even when nothing else will, and it doesn't burn either. It may feel warm but it won't burn or cause a blister.

Because of it's stimulant effect, as well as being beneficial to the circulation and strength of the pulse, Cayenne can also be used to treat shock, to keep someone from going into shock, and to treat allergic reactions to stings and bites.

Other things Cayenne can be quite useful to use for include: A throat gargle to relieve sore throats, stimulating the appetite, improving poor circulation, providing additional energy, fighting infections, and treating vein related problems such as varicose veins.


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