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Chlorophyll: An Overview

Chlorophyll is a substance found in most plants. In fact, it's known as the "life blood" of plants. Chlorophyll can be gotten by taking various types of herbs. 

Parsley and Alfalfa are the two which contain the most Chlorophyll though, and these are generally what's in the pills you buy as Chlorophyll supplements.

Chlorophyll is packed full with vitamins, minerals and supplements which the human body makes wide use of. In fact, it's easily assimilated by the body because it's molecular structure is very much like the structure of hemoglobin, which is human red blood cells.

Many people think of Chlorophyll as the closest thing to a magic pill currently known to man. Because it effects so many areas of the body, and influences health and wellness of those areas, plus helps to correct a wide variety of health problems in the process, it can be thought of as an all around wonder drug. It's difficult to cover all of the health and wellness benefits of Chlorophyll with just one article, but we'll cover some of the biggest and most important here.

First and foremost, Chlorophyll cleanses, purifies, and heals most areas of the body. Nutritionally it's very high in a wide variety of vitamins, minerals and nutrients the body needs. It helps control and regulate calcium levels in the body's blood for instance, which is extremely useful for women during menstruation. It also helps regulate blood sugar levels, which has wide ranging affects throughout the rest of the body. Controlling and regulating blood sugar can help you lose and maintain body weight, and prevent the development of commonly related problems such as heart disease or high blood pressure for instance.

Chlorophyll is often used as part of a cleansing diet or herbal regimine, because it helps cleanse the structure of the body's cells while the minerals it contains assist in building new cells too. Chlorophyll helps stop the growth of toxic bacteria which often causes disease and illness, plus it's a natural healer for chronic health conditions and problems too.

Chlorophyll also helps accellerate the body's tissue cell activity and re-growth, so the body is able to heal faster. This makes it useful externally in salves and poultices, and it's excellent to use as a gargle for tonsil or other throat problems too.

One of the simplest things Chlorophyll does, is help reduce various body odors. It can neutralize bad breath for instance, as well as colon gas.


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