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Dandelion: An Overview


Dandelion is a little yellow weed which grows almost everywhere. Most people try time and time again to eradicate this weed from their yards and gardens 

actually, never realizing how healthy and versatile this herb can be for health, wellness, and illness purposes.

The entire part of the dandelion plant can be used: Leaves, flowers, roots, and stems. They can be added to cooked food dishes, or used as fresh salad greens too. They can even be brewed into tea and healthy green drinks.

For medicinal purposes, Dandelions are one of the very best blood builders and purifiers that can be found in nature. And they're one of the best choices of natural herbs to use for liver problems, or just maintaining the health and wellness of the liver and related organs in your body.

Dandelion is quite high in many vitamins and minerals, and it's particularly excellent as a natural source of calcium. This is a wonderful herbal supplement choice for women when they're menstruating, because up to four times more calcium is lost through menstrual blood.

Dandelion also helps with anemia, and low blood pressure too, and can help the body build more energy and endurance. People who are trying to lose weight might find Dandelion beneficial too, because sometimes the body can become overly acidic when a lot of weight is being lost, and Dandelion helps remove the extra acid from the blood, which in turn allows the body to continue shedding extra weight and fat.

One of the primary natural health uses Dandelion is known for though, is cleansing and toning the liver. Dandelion is actually known for helping increase bile production and movement, and this is helpful for cleansing, toning, or healing the liver because if the liver is blocked or stagnated, it's unable to continue moving harmful wastes and toxins out of the body.

By using dandelion to help start moving bile through the body more quickly, many seemingly unrelated health problems can quickly start clearing up too. This is because much of the harmful toxins and bacteria that must be moved out of the body in order for the body to be healthy, are supposed to be filtered and moved out through the liver. If the liver is not working at peak capacity however, this can cause the toxins to start backing up into other areas of the body, and this in turn will cause a variety of health problems such as general malaise, or even skin eruptions.


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