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Using Herbs For Emergencies 


When true emergencies arise, the best course of action you can take is to do some emergency first aid while someone is calling an ambulance. Though herbal remedies can be used for almost anything - including broken bones - there are 

times when modern medical specialists and technology are critically needed. You should never risk someone's life in an attempt to treat emergencies using only herbal remedies, particularly if you're not fully aware of exactly what you're doing.

With that said, there is one specific herb that should always be on hand in your kitchen or herbal medicine cabinet: Cayenne. Yes, regular old cayenne pepper like you can buy in the spice rack or vegetable isle at any grocery store. It's a good idea to keep a spice shaker full of cayenne on hand, plus cayenne supplement pills too. Why? Because cayenne can be used to stop bleeding and shock, and this is extremely helpful with most emergencies.

Cayenne is also known as Capsicum. The loose powder can be sprinkled onto a bleeding cut, wound, or injury and it will stop the bleeding. This is useful for general, non emergency bleeding too. If you've tried applying pressure to a bleeding cut and it just doesn't seem to want to stop for instance, just sprinkle cayenne powder all over the bleeding area and it will stop. The cayenne powder does not burn or blister either. It may feel a little hot, but that's about it.

Cayenne can also stop internal bleeding, plus it can be used to treat shock. It's also excellent to have on hand to use for anyone who is allergic to insect stings. To treat any of these conditions with cayenne, simply sprikle some of the powder into a small glass of water, or break open one of the cayenne capsules and dump the powder from that into the water. Then have the affected person drink it.

Cayenne is also quite useful to take when you're taking infection fighting herbs too, because it helps stimulate the body into healing faster.

For severe burns, use either apple cider vinegar or plain old fashioned black tea. The apple cider vinegar should be organic if at all possible, and you can soak clean cloths in it to lay onto the burned areas, or simply pour the vinegar over the burned areas.

Plain black tea bags should always be on hand for use with burns too. If you have tea already made and cooled, simply soak clean cloths in the tea and place them onto the burned areas of the body, or pour the tea directly onto the burns. Alternatively, you can soak fresh teabags in water, and apply those as packs directly to the burned area. The tannin in the tea bags must be released first though, and this is done by soaking the bags in water. If you use hot water the tannin is released faster, but you should allow the tea to cool to at least room temperature or cooler before applying it to a burn. This remedy works amazingly well for severe sunburns too.

Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.


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