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Gota Kola: The Memory Herb

Gota Kola is an herb which is somewhat known among many people. It's often referred to as the Memory herb, because when used regularly it can help improve 

your learning ability and capacity. When Gota Kola is mixed with Cayenne or Capsicum, it also provides wonderful circulation to the brain.

Gota Kola is an herb which can not only help your memory improve, but it can help improve other brain related functions as well. It helps you focus better for instance, and helps prevent brain fatigue from happening too quickly. Some people have used it to help prevent or treat senility as well, and because of the way it stimulates the brain, it's quite useful for treating depression too.

When Gota Kola is mixed together with both Cayenne and Ginseng, it's considered an excellent combination for boosts of energy and attention.

Gota Kola contains Vitamin K, which is considered to help reduce the affects of aging. It also contains many B vitamins, which are often thought of as "anti stress" vitamins. And these are probably part of what makes Gota Kola have some of the effects on memory, vitality, attention, and learning that it does.

Gota Kola is also thought to be a balancing herb, because it helps strengthen and tone the heart while also helping the body to balance hormones and the nervous system. And as such, it has been used throughout the ages to help treat some symptoms of menopause too.

Some people believe that taking the equivalent of two leaves of gota kola each day can help reduce cellulite build up and potentially help you lose weight as well. Large doses of this herb can cause dizziness or lightheadedness and headaches too. It's generally advised that you do not take Gota Kola for more than six weeks continously without at least two weeks of not taking it.

Be aware that there are different variations of Gota Kola herbs too, and each has small differences and capabilities.


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