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Heal Your Entire Body


Most of the herbal and alternative approaches to medicine, disease, sickness and general health involve taking a whole body approach to the problems. Because general sicknesses and diseases tend to have more going on than you might first 

think, the whole body approach to healing tends to resolve the underlying causes of medical and health problems, instead of simply treating symptoms.

With diabetes for instance, modern science and medicine works to control or regulate the body's blood sugar levels. Often this is done with the use of synthetic medications, though sometimes food and lifestyle changes are incorporated as well. There are no steps however, which involve attempts at healing and strengthening the organs inside your body which regulate insulin and blood sugar levels.

The herbal approach tries to take all of these factors into consideration, and not only treat the immediate problems blood sugar swings can cause, but it also attempts to help your body heal itself in as many deeper ways as it possibly can. Diet and lifestyle are a part of this process, but choosing herbs and remedies which strengthen, tone, and heal the organs which play the major roles for the particular disease is considered just as important too.

The same concepts apply to diseases and conditions which are considered incurable by standard doctors and scientists. Psoriasis for instance, is thought to be simply something that should be controlled if possible, but it's not believed to be a curable condition. Herbalists disagree however, and feel that by cleansing the internal organs of the body, you can potentially cure diseases such as this, because they're not technically a disease at all. Instead, they're manifestations of other problems.

When a child or adult is running a high fever for instance, we don't simply give them medications to keep the fever at bay. We treat whatever illness is actually causing that fever. There is always an underlying cause for sickness and disease, it's just that modern science and medicine doesn't always know what the exact causes sometimes are.

Whole body healing is not just about taking medications to solve specific problems though. Yes there are many herbal remedies which help resolve specific health issues, but best results are often achieved by treating the entire body instead. Taking herbs to correct vitamin and mineral deficiencies for instance, or taking herbs which balance and regulate your hormone levels, are steps in the right direction.

In fact, some might argue that herbal remedies are simply a super vitamin therapy approach to healing. Since most herbs are designed to correct imbalances and problems caused by years of mistreating our bodies - and herbs are quite high in natural vitamins, minerals and other essential elements our bodies need - taking them simply helps improve our nutrition and thus our overall wellness levels.

Statements made in this article may not be approved by the FDA, and should not be taken as professional medical advice.


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