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Herbal Remedies Proper ingredients

Whether you're making your own herbal remedies or buying ready made solutions, the quality of what you buy is extremely important. Ready made remedies are the 

biggest cause of concern, because many companies manufacture remedies and herbal supplements which contain a whole host of non herbal ingredients in them.

In fact, some of the popularly promoted "herbal" products on the store shelves these days actually just contain a small amount of real herb. And usually this small amount is not enough to have much of an effect on general health, let alone working as a remedy for health problems. If a product advertises that it "contains" something such as green tea, garlic, or any other herb or natural remedy, they are not usually worth spending money on.

Always try to buy one hundred percent herbal products, and make them organic if at all possible. Most pure herbal products are actually ground or crushed dried herbs. You can literally open the gel capsule they're contained in, shake out the herbs, and see the bits and pieces of stems and leaves in some cases.

When making your own herbs, the same importance applies. Dried herbs can often be purchased in bulk, and these are used to create your own health and medicinal remedies and mixtures. In some cases, you'll buy the dried bulk herbs in full form, so you'll need to grind them yourself. Often though, you can buy them already ground.

When buying ground herbs particularly, be sure the source you buy from is reputable. It won't do you much good at all to buy ground herbs which have fillers, additives, perservatives and who knows what else added to them. Your herbs need to be 100% herbs in order to be sure you're making the best remedies you possible can.

Buying organic herbs is strongly recommended too. If you're going to the trouble of making your own home remedies, one of the worst things you could do would be to put these healthy ingredients into your body after they've been tainted by poisons, toxins, and pesticides. One of the biggest reasons we use herbs for nutrition, health and remedies is to clear those extra pollutants out of our bodies. So be sure you're giving yourself the best you can by buying organic herbs only.

The same applies if you choose to grow your own herbs. You're defeating your own purpose if you spray toxic chemicals on or around the herb plants you're growing.

Some common mistakes people make when they're new to using herbs and herbal remedies include: Buying odor free garlic, and buying aloe vera based products.

Odor free garlic has almost no health, healing, or remedial benefits because when the odor is removed, the primary healing compound is also removed. Real garlic is the only true thing to use for garlic based herbal remedies.

Aloe vera based products are different than aloe vera products. The "based" is the problem. You see this often with sunburn relief products in the store. They have aloe vera in them yes, but they also have alcohol, fragrances, and any number of things that can be harmful to your body.

Aloe vera will penetrate all layers of your skin. This is why it's used in many poultices and salves, because it helps carry the medicinal herbs deep below the surface and start the healing process. If you put an aloe vera based product on your skin, you will be penetrating yourself with all kinds of potentially harmful ingredients that your skin is meant to protect you from.

So if you're using aloe vera for remedies, only buy true 100% aloe vera juice or gel. If you buy the gel, be sure it's made from natural organic products too. Aloe vera is a sticky thin liquid straight out of the plant, so things must be added to create a gel like consistancy.

Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.


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