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Parsley: vitamin rich 

Parsley is an excellent, naturally well balanced herb. It's a natural diuretic, which means it stimulates the kidneys to release more urine from the body. Unlike 

synthetic diuretics though, parsley is naturally high in potassium too, so there is no risk of potassium depletion like what's found in man made diuretics.

Parsley is quite high in chlorophyll and many vitamins and minerals such as calcium, vitamin c, vitamin a, and iron. This makes it an excellent choice for use as an all around herbal daily vitamin supplement.

Parsley is actually higher in vitamin c than most citrus fruits. In fact, parsley contains as much as three times more vitamin c than citrus does, and this makes it an excellent herb to take at the onset of a cold.

Since parsley is a natural diuretic, it's used a lot to treat various kidney and bladder problems. The herb stimulates the body to produce and eliminate more urine, and by increasing the flow of urine the body is able to flush out bacteria, germs, infections, and other problems common to the kidneys and bladder.

Since parsley is so high in chlorophyll too, it tends to be used a lot in green drinks. Not only is it nutritive, but it helps quell a variety of stomach and digestive problems such as indigestion and gas too.

Parsley is also high in vitamin a, and this is the vitamin which helps boost the body's natural immune system and resist diseases. Vitamin A also helps the body to fight cancer, as does potassium. It's believed that a body which has plenty of potassium flowing through the blood stream cannot support cancer, because cancer can't live in blood which has high potassium levels.

Parsley actually contains more iron than any other known green vegetable too, and it helps regulate a woman's menstrual cycle. Parsley will dry up milk in nursing mothers however, so it should not be used while nursing. It also helps relieve afterbirth pains and is a general source of excellent nutrition.

Parsley is primarily used as an all around vitamin source, or to relieve kidney and bladder health problems. It can be used to treat kidney stones for instance, and help clear congested kidneys. Painful urination, lack of urination regularly, and bedwetting can all by signs or symptoms of kidney or bladder problems, and taking parsley helps alleviate these issues as well.

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