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Herbal Supplements: Learn About Some Very Popular Herbs


An herbal supplement is a type of dietary supplement that has either a single or a mixture of herbs in it, and is usually taken as a continual remedial supplement.

Most herbal supplements have a history of use dating back many hundreds and 

even thousands of years. Before modern medicine they were used to treat nearly every ailment.

Today they are making a resurgence as people look for more natural ways to treat everything from skin problems to heart disease.

Here are a few of the most widely used herbs…

One of the most popular herbal supplements is aloe vera. It is a member of the lily family and juice from its leaves is used to treat hair loss, skin irritations and wounds since it has many powerful compounds that help reduce inflammation, swelling, redness and also soothe burning. In addition to this, it also has soothing and healing properties that fight bacteria and fungi that attack a wound. And because it helps reduce itching and inflammation, it is used for chronic skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.


Another popular herbal supplement is ginger root. Ginger is considered to be the best herb for digestion and helps prevent indigestion and abdominal cramping. As it helps stimulate circulation, and relax muscles around blood vessels, the flow of blood in the body is increased. Ginger is also used for the treatment and prevention of motion sickness and to reduce LDL cholesterol levels.


Ginseng is a popular herb used as a supplement to increase mental function, increase overall energy, help combat body stress and boost the immune system. However, as it is strong, it is not recommended for elderly or sick individuals. There are basically three types of ginseng powder; Siberian, American and Asian. Each has its own individual advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the user to decide which one is best for them.


Spirulina is a herb that has a high concentration of therapeutic nutrients such as digestible protein, beta carotene, iron, gammalinoleic acid and vitamin B12. With its high concentration of beta carotene, spirulina is a great source of antioxidants. Its high concentration of vitamin B maintains cardiovascular health and breaks down lipids and carbohydrates. Being an excellent source of vegetable protein, it has sufficient amino acid to build muscle. Spirulina benefits arthritis sufferers and prevents heart disease because of the presence of GLA in it.

is used for the treatment of headaches, tumors and menstrual cramps. It is beneficial mainly because of the antibiotic, heart-protective and antioxidant properties it possesses. The allicin and ajoene found in garlic prevent infection and lower cholesterol respectively. With garlic supplements the active ingredients cannot be maintained during shipment to the stores, which results in the benefits of the supplement being reduced. It is always better to eat raw garlic to reap its health benefits.

Turmeric is a herb that has been researched and documented to help boost the body’s immune system, while fighting heart disease and cancer. Turmeric is very useful in lowering LDL cholesterol, improving blood flow and strengthening blood vessels to treat high blood pressure and guard against cancer by neutralizing free radicals and chemicals that can damage cells. As turmeric has powerful antioxidants, it helps boost the body’s immune system to provide protection against illness and disease.



These are some of the most widely used and well document herbal remedies. Remember that even though they are natural, herbs can interact with medication you may be currently taking. It is always a good idea to discuss any herbal supplements you are considering taking with your doctor.




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