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Typical Kidney Medical Treatments


Kidney health is a major concern today due to the epidemic of type 2 diabetes. Treat your kidneys well before a problem occurs.  The best course of action is always prevention of course, and one of the best ways to 

prevent many kidney problems is to simply drink more fluids. When your body gets dehydrated, calcium or other types of deposits can form easier into kidney stones. The lack of fluid also allows germs and bacteria to take hold in the kidneys and cause infections.

Since many kidney diseases are caused by diabetes and high blood sugar, another common course of treatment for kidney health problems is to try to control the blood sugar and blood pressure levels in your body. These types of changes can often be controlled well with foods, exercise, and herbal treatments. There are of course many prescription medications used too, and there are surgical procedures used for some kidney problems as well.

Kidney infections are treated just like any other infection in the body: With broad spectrum antibiotics. Since these medications have the side effect of lowering your body's immune system however, the can unfortunately put you at risk for other types of infections. Some people simply have kidney infection after kidney infection each time the antibiotics are stopped.

A more natural alternative for treating kidney infections is to use herbal antibiotics. These herbs don't lower your body's immune system, so there is less risk of having chronic recurring kidney infections, and there is often no other types of infections that come along once the kidney infection is gone too.

The best herbal antibiotics are Garlic and Goldenseal. Mixing Garlic with Cayenne is actually one of the most potent natural antibiotics you can get, because garlic contains a compound which is 15 times stronger than standard pennicilin. Cayenne is a catalyst which helps your body to start healing faster.

Kidney stones are treated in a variety of ways by medical doctors. Sometimes a special tool is used to try and break up the stones from outside the body. This tool sends special shockwaves from outside your body, aimed at the location of the kidney stone, and attempts to break the stones into smaller pieces so they're able to pass naturally through your urine.

Often however, the doctors will insert special tubes into your bladder called stents, which are designed to help the kidney stones pass. If the kidney stones are unable to be reached with the shockwave treatment tool, the doctor might instead perform a surgery which involves tunneling in through your back to the kidney, then breaking up and extracting the stones from that incision.

Many people find they can break up their kidney stones by using simple home remedies and natural treatments though. Examples of treatments people have found successful over the years include drinking pure lemon juice, lemon juice mixed with olive oil, or drinking large amounts of coca cola soda.

Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.



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