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Stress and Self Esteem


What sort of image of yourself do you have in your mind? Do you often depreciate or scold yourself? How do you talk to yourself all day? Everyone does this. Remember that your body will believe what you tell it. 

Do you find yourself during the day with thoughts such as,"I gave a poor presentation" or "She does things so much faster 

than me" or "People never call me back"? If so, give yourself an assignment to each day pick one negative self-statement you say and re-write it positively. For instance if you said, "I never do anything well" take time to question this. You may then be able to write, "I am good with computers" or "I am a loving mom". 

Sure you may not be the faster runner in your class or give a flawless presentation but look at your good qualities and keep them in mind. It may seem a bit unnatural to say nice things about yourself, but why spend your energy reinforcing negative thoughts? We need to instead reframe what we say that is self-deprecating and reinforce positive self-statements . 

If you find you keep buying into thoughts that put yourself down you can ask yourself if those thoughts ever help you to feel good about yourself. If so, what is the point of thinking them and repeating them over and over again like a mantra? 

You'll find that as you get more comfortable with positive thoughts about yourself it actually will make you cringe to hear the negative, self-destructive ones. With practice, you'll be able to see your progress by seeing how uncomfortable you are with your old inner dialogues and scripts. It may be hard to believe right now but some of your current thoughts will disappear as the new you develops and grows. Just like there are extreme makeover shows for one's appearance, working with your thoughts helps you to do an inner self extreme makeover. 


Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.


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