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Stress in the workplace


Do you live for the weekends? Probably this is because your daily work is loaded with stressors such as talking to the customers, meeting presentations, office gossip, anxiety around one's boss, office politics and deadlines. To just live for the weekends is to cut out a large chunk of your week. It puts your life on hold and you only live 

for two days out of seven. If you live in dread for the majority of your week it's a sad situation and it's important to think out ways to make each day at work more satisfying. 

Toastmasters is a wonderful organization offered in most communities that helps people practice their presentations  and learn skills to feel comfortable in group meetings. This  can assist you in improving your focus as well as speech  skills and can help you even with writing as all the  "buts" "ands" and "ifs" are more eloquently re-phrased  through training. This will have an impact on your  professional presentations as well as even casual  conversations with people in upper management. 

For stress that is related to interpersonal relationships such as that between you and your boss or you and co-workers, first examine your communication skills and personality style. Are you too passive? Are you too blunt? What do you do that may help contribute to the problem? It's important to avoid participating in office gossip as it often can backfire and then make you the focus of these petty conversations. 

Situations with one's boss may often be touchy. Your employer can feel you aren't doing enough or even view you as a potential competitor and threat if you are working at an above average level. Doing your best, asking for suggestions and staying away from any no-nos like lots of personal phone calls, internet surfing etc is important. 

Don't let you boss's personality quirks get to you. If others are speaking about certain traits of your boss that you also find problematical, you can get at least some validation for your perceptions. Still, things may not change at work unless your boss seeks therapy. 

Changing jobs is always an option but you need to study your own work history to see if you may find the same difficulties in a new situation. After evaluating your situation then you can make an informed decision about whether leaving will be a fresh start for you or may end up just repeating the same patterns. 

try appropriate assertion, patience and compassion to get you through the stressful workdays . This will carry into all your activities and you will go through a lot of personal growth through being in a challenging situation that forces you to look inwards and continuously be on your toes. 

Note: Some statements in this article may not be approved by the FDA. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as professional medical advice.


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