Pictures of Catherine

These are the best I have right now. They were scanned in from
the magazine (Winter, 2001). 

Early Catherine photo: Rebecca on left is now the owner/editor of The Compleat Mother magazine.

May 14, 2001


January 2001


Catherine Anna Young,

publisher, writer, mother, sister, daughter and friend, passed away Tuesday, September 11, 2001 at 9:30 a.m.

She was with her family, and in everyone's thoughts.

The Compleat Mother Magazine,
The Mother Tea Company, and
The Friends of Breastfeeding Society
will all continue to promote pregnancy,
birth and breastfeeding as Catherine had so tirelessly.

The support and contributions of subscribers is needed now  more than ever. Keep your letters, articles and good cheer coming.

All subscriptions and tea orders will be processed, but please be aware there may be a delay.

 In Lieu of Flowers, Please Boycott Nestle

She was fine as life could be
Hath crossed alone the narrow sea.
Why ye fear the distant shore
Since she we loved has gone before.

Catherine Anna Young 1952 - 2001

Infact Canada tribute

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