Why traditional midwifery is important to me......

By Chantel L. Bacon

Birth is life�s most simple , yet most complicated process. Although �life� and �birth� have been around since the very  beginning . It was one of the first blessings God gave to Adam and Eve. Their union started our whole process of child bearing. Couples~man and woman, woman and man, the most basic combination to bring forth life.

    There are many documented midwives in our history. There are also many stories that go along with their lives. The wonderful thing about midwifery is ~ we don�t all have to believe in the same procedure, but we all can agree the results are the same ~ birth, and new life.

    As a pregnant woman, I chose many things to sacrifice my own wants and desires for the safety and well being of my unborn child. I think every mother has this instinct, but some need encouragement to tap into those resources. Building a relationship, and listening to the mom, helps a midwife understand her perspective.

   As a laboring mother, your body is not your own. Your muscles, your mind, and your energy all belong to the life within . To focus on how we can change or alter this process to help the mother is not acceptable.

    The mother is a star shining brightly. Her beams of light are going
places and we need to see where they go to appreciate her efforts of inner peace and strength. Some moms draw in to themselves, while others rely on their surrounding support. But regardless of her focus, we need to respect her needs and only step in where we are needed. In
order to fill a need, there has to be one. Listening carefully to be in tune with the laboring process is what birth is about. We need to keep the mom focused on her mission.~ bringing forth life. Her needs and desires should supercede any and all others. She not only is the star of the show, the director, and the choir, but the editor as well. We are just the stage hands helping where needed.

    Birthing has not changed since the beginning. Babies still have to come out. Natural childbirth is a mind set. First, one needs to realize they do have the power to flow with the events. They need to understand and be informed of all their options and choices. Our goal should be to not let them feel cheated. For birth, there are so many options, so many ways to think about life beginning. Yet, ultimately the outcome is the same.....Life, a new baby ! :)

   In this day and age of medical technology in place, pregnancy and birth are regarded as a disease . There always seems to be �one more possibility� of something being wrong.

     Way back when, when life was simple, birth was too. To keep the traditions alive, we must practice them. For those of us who have ventured down this road, we understand this process. Our children were born with peace that we chose to offer them. For those who have not yet traveled the path of home birth, or natural childbirth, we are here to offer choices to them as well. We are here to share a part of life that is the same today as it was from the very first birth. Teaching and equipping parents to view birth as a natural process and showing them the benefits of informed choices is as basic as it gets. The desires have to come from their heart first. We can encourage and support those desires, and make them a reality.

     As a midwife we not only made sacrifices in our own births to achieve our personal goals, but we sacrifice at other�s births as well to help them achieve their personal goals. Our family has to support us completely, and be understanding of others needs.

      Our family views pregnancy and childbirth as a ministry. We not only help the mother, but we meet the fathers needs as well. He is a very important part of life�s process. Reaching out to the children, and establishing a relationship builds trust. This helps when they are present at the birth. Some times things happen that they do not understand, or are afraid of. Having a relationship with them helps comfort them. A new baby is a family affair and everyone should be treated with the utmost respect.

    Traveling this path isn�t always easy. A lot of times there is conflict. Not every one will agree with the parent�s choices. We also have to be there for them to offer support. They are making choices they feel led to follow. Sacrifices that one day their children will respect and understand.

    We have to show our children where they came from so they will know where they are going. In today�s society it is easy to get caught in the medical system. Children need to be taught that nature knows best. I think we all have that knowledge in us, but most choose to not follow or use it.

   Traditional midwifery is not just catching babies. It is an ongoing study of all that nature has to offer. But sometimes the best knowledge comes from just sitting in the stillness, and watching it happen.

       A mother�s body still knows what it is suppose to do. Keeping a tradition alive and working does not always mean we have to do something, it just means we should make every effort to help women achieve something that their body naturally does anyway.  I would love to see every baby be born at home or at least naturally. The thought of the power a mother would obtain mentally, physically , and spiritually is intense. The realization of conquering �self� limits promotes a person�s attitude on how they view life.

What a wonderful thing to see a husband and wife be equipped to birth their own babies at home, in a peaceful place. The medical world has its place, but when it comes to natural processes, it knows very little about not hindering.

      When I think of pregnancy and new life, I think of a cozy quiet room with candles and small faces staring at a mom and dad�s bonding workmanship. I think of the peacefulness, and the wonders yet to come. I think of the herbal bath smells as they seep on the stove. I think of the calmness, and the gentle family spirit that rests so easy with the natural way of waiting.

The anticipation of moments yet to come. It reminds me of christmas morning. There is the peacefulness of when everyone is sleeping, and then when every one wakes up...... it is a big celebration! Life is a gift, and we should treat it with the respect it deserves.

independant homebirth midwife, Doula, and EMT-B
wife to David, mother to Jessica,Kailei, Marissa,Candyce,Noah,Ezekiel
********  <>< **************
~  we have a choice ~
contentment or discontentment.
 it does not come from a change in circumstances
 but a change in our minds.
It is how we look at things that determines how we receive our blessings
from God.
may  you thank the Lord because he is good. He gives nothing but the best to
us, and when we receive it with the best attitude possible we will be
He loves us forever.


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