It Stains!

Hello Ladies!!

Well, I have thrush, for you that don't know.  Remember when I visited IL in June I was complaining about my left breast hurting??  Well, It's never gotten completely better.  I even went thru a whole breast infection. But with a little advice from a local lactation consultant and my League leader, we got thru that.  But I still hurt.  So I finally put my foot down, I was going to figure out what was wrong with me and get it fixed.

THRUSH!!  Ok, fine.  Now what do I do?  I needed some nystatin for me and Ryan.  Well, my midwife couldn't help me, Ryan is too old and she's only able to do care up to 6 weeks.  My Primary doc wouldn't do anything, that's for OB/gyn's to worry about.  I call my OB, they won't prescribe anything over the phone because it's been too long since I've seen them (aka - they didn't deliver the baby).  Fine, when can I be seen.  Preferably ASAP. "August 28" they tell me.  Are they nuts?  I try as calmly as I can to ask if this woman on the phone knows what thrush is.  "Oh yes, honey, I know it can be very painful."  Don't call me honey, and don't they have any immediate appointments for emergencies?  No good, they didn't deliver the baby so it's not an emergency for them, or some such nonsense.  Thanks for nothing!!

So, checking the web about gentian violet.  It stains.  Where can I get some?  Not in Walgreen's, Eckerd's, or local drug store.  Finally find a larger drug store that carries it, but they're closed now.  OK, first thing this morning, I'm there.  It stains.  The lady there even looked sympathetic when I told her what I needed.  "Be careful, it stains," she says.

 So I get home and Ryan fell asleep in the car.  Not wanting to stave off relief any longer, I figure I'll just put it on my nipples and get Ryan as soon as he wakes up.  It stains.  I very carefully get some gauze pads to put on my nipples after the fact, and I'm wearing a royal blue bra.  My shirt can be sacrificed if need be.  I took every precaution to not make a mess, after all it stains.  So here I am, proudly using a take-off-the-cap-correctly routine I learned in high school for use with dangerous chemicals.  If I could be careful enough for chemistry class, surely I could handle something that merely stains.  Wrong.

I have all my stuff laid out on the counter in front of me.  The kids are safely in the other room.  I'm ready.  I got one nipple painted and almost sniggered at how ridiculous purple nipples look.  When they say purple, they're not kidding.  This stuff makes Barney look pale.  Oh well, it'll give Rob a laugh. 

Gauze pad carefully in place, one down, one to go.  Well, remember that take-off-the-cap-correctly routine?  It doesn't work for these tops.  Trust me.  The thing dropped on my counter.  Which wouldn't be so bad except it decided to splatter tiny dark blue drops all over the counter upon impact.  So, I figure, I'd better wipe them up immediately before they stain my counter.  Now I have dark blue streaks all over my counter as I stand there with one purple nipple sticking out. 

I grab the gauze pad and tuck my boob away and close up the gentian violet.  We want to put that away, of course, because it stains.  Now I look at my hands and miraculously I've managed to get this stuff all over my hand.  Oh well, my nipples are purple, why not my hand??  Only one, mind you. 

I grab the bleach solution I have for just such an occasion.  I already have paper towels out just in case, because after all, it stains.  I coated the counter and let it soak in real good.  Now I have LIGHT blue streaks all over my counter. 

However, the bleach solution is working on my hands.  How do I know this?  Because after declaring the counter lost and figure I'll just have to think of what to do with it later, it occurred to me I didn't check to see if I got any of this stuff on my shirt.  I pulled the bottom of my shirt straight so I could get a good look.  No spots!!  No spots whatsoever!  Wow!  After all that, all that splattering everywhere I managed to miss my shirt.  That is of course until I let go of the shirt and notice the bright blue smudge left over from my thumb!

So please, if any of you are laughing right now, or maybe just smiling, please let me know.  I don't think I'll have any giggles until I can return to my natural coloring.



Maybe I do have a few giggles left.  Imagine if you will, the look on Ryan's face when he woke up and discovered I made his lunch purple.  But, hey it's still Mom so it can't be all that bad.  He's alright as soon as he realizes it's the same stuff, even if the spout is now an interesting color.

As soon as he's done, he gives me a great big smile.  All purple.  His 2 little teeth - purple.  His chin - purple.  I was expecting this of course, but it's still funny looking.  After all, it stains!


Did you know the spit-up of babies who have been treated with gentian
violet is purple too?  And guess what?  It stains.


God Bless you!!
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