Fungus or Roses?
by Jenny Hatch

    "By concentrating exclusively on antibiotics for half a century, mankind has totally focused on the lower plant world - that of mushrooms, mold, rot or in other words, the family of decomposers and destroyers.  Our mistake is not in the biological study of these microorganisms and their products, but in the systemic, blind usage of them."  Daniel Penoel MD  from his book - Natural home health care using Essential Oils.

    I was one of those children always on an antibiotic.  I was challenged with food allergies, eczema, and a host of other diseases linked to candida overgrowth.  I remember asking my doctor when I was a teenager if my bronchitis would heal without the antibiotic.  "No" was his reply.  "But I always get a secondary infection that is worse than what I take the drug for".  I took the antibiotic and a few days later my bronchitis turned into pneumonia just as it had before.  It was during my teens that I began to question all of these drugs I was taking for the myriad infections I was plagued with.

    I took my last course of antibiotics over ten years ago.  Two of my children have never been on them.  Again from Dr. Penoel, "we frequently see fungal infections start to proliferate, particularly candidiasis, after treatment with antibiotics (after all, antibiotics coming from fungus would favor other fungi)." As our family continues to increase in health and well being and I have overcome the damage done to my body by all of those years of antibiotic use, I have learned that it is possible to heal without the molds.  In fact, as I have systematically cleansed the molds and funguses out of my body, especially my sinuses, I have reached a level of health I would have believed was impossible for one who was as sickly as I was.  And, not only don't my children suffer from the food and chemical allergies that plagued my life, they also don't have the skin rashes, the intense itching, the headaches, the ear infections and the sinusitis that was my life for twenty years.

As we have learned to control the purity of our water, indoor air and food, it has cleared the way for our family to work on the emotional and spiritual reasons for the illnesses that come up rather than just being distracted with layer upon layer of toxicity in the physical body.  As we have used Essential Oils on a daily basis our health seems to gradually be improving.   - my member number is #29526, if you want to order.

    Finally from Dr. Penoel.

"The greatest present hinder to the spreading of Medical Aromatherapy is the total grip of the chemical pharmaceutical industry on all teaching, research, and medical practice.  Since essential oils are carriers of life force, builders of vigor and strength, and generators of calm and joy, they contribute powerfully to achieving and maintaining authentic and profound global health.  It is easy to see that an impressive quantity of medications could be rendered useless and obsolete by these essential oils.  This represents a profound threat to the chemical, pharmaceutical community, one that will be fought viciously in the name of self-preservation."

    Parents, as the "war of the Roses" begins to rage, you need to ask yourself one question.  Do you want your babies to smell like fungus or Rose Petals?"  

~Jenny Hatch 

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