Nancy praises The Compleat Mother Magazine

I just looked at issue 90- wow. wowow owowowowowowowowow to have your own on the cover wowowowowowowowowow!!!!! gorgeous!
i love the photo on page 19-- it is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this magazine. I think I have been getting it since one of the very first editions. I love being totally shocked, still, at some of what I read... and delighted by most of it at that!!  It feels GOOD in my hands... it's just the right size to tuck in my bags and take anywhere. It reminds me, on the days when I am so discouraged about the birth situtation in this culture and the "low birth IQ" of the vast majority of women out there ("Give me my epidural, and give it to me NOW, you Potatoheads!"; "Of course I want an ultrasound.... who cares if the babies hate them and are affected by them, I want to SEE that kiddo!" ) that there are still some conscious women out there. As you can see, I am having quite a week-- the woman who wants an ultrasound so if she is disappointed with the sex of the baby, she will have time to "get over it" and when the baby is born, he/she won't have to feel her disappointment -- AS IF THE BABY WON"T FEEL THAT INSIDE???? It's a wonderful and curious thing, that when the babies are born at home, and the mother's reach down to bring their little ones into the world, and no one announces the sex of the baby, the mother (most often no one can see the genitals right away as we place a warm blanket around the bottom of the baby while the mother is reaching for him/her and enfolding him/her in her arms) -- well, the parents fall in love with BABY, not with a girl baby or a boy baby, but THEIR baby - and the "disappointment" is either reduced or nonexistent at that point.... segway... I am really horrified that women still allow their baby boys to be cut.... yuk yuk and yuk again.

Hugs, lots of them,

Nancy Wainer, Needham, Massachusetts


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