Advantages of Breastfeeding
A to Z
Everything you need for a happy baby!

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A- Helps avoid allergies; immediately available; antibodies are passed from mother to baby through her milk; nutrients are more easily assimilated
B- Creates close bonding between mother and child; reduces risk of breast cancer; contributes to optimal brain development; breastmilk doesn't stain
C- Comforting for baby; convenient; changes as baby grows; no constipation; colostrum is the perfect first food
D- Digests more easily; cannot be duplicated; allows delay of solids; fewer dental problems (cavities and braces)
E- Easy; enjoyable; enhances relationship with your baby
F- Fulfilling; always fresh; gives you a free-hand for reading, etc; fewer health problems means a happier baby
G- Giving of yourself; a great way of meeting emotional and physical needs
H- Breastfed babies are healthier and so are their moms; babies are meant to have human milk
I- Inexpensive; immunity factors are only found in breastmilk
J- Joyful experience; ready in a jiffy
K- Spending less time in the kitchen (mixing, washing, sterilizing, warming...)
L- Loving; you can join a fun mother's group - La Leche League; less spitting-up and stomach upsets
M- Delays the return of postpartum menstruation: something only MOM can do for her baby.

N- Perfect balance of nutrients; night feedings are easier; natural
O- prevends overfeeding; less diaper odor; reduces the chance of obesity later in life
P- Prolactin helps you feel motherly; helps prevent serious health problems; promotes proper jaw, teeth and speech development
Q- Quiet time together; best quality nutrition; practically unlimited quantity
R- Relaxing; less rash; recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Canadian Peadiatric Society and the World Health Organization; completes the reproductive cycle -conception,pregnancy, birth, lactation
S- Satisfies all the senses; superior infant food; saves time, effort, money and resources
T- Always the right temperature; travel is easier; time-tested through the ages
U- Uniquely suited to each baby; contracts uterus helping to expel the placenta and control blood loss; universality of breastfeeding is a link with mothers all over the world
V- Especially valuable in special situations (prematurity, jaundice); taste of breastmilk varies from skim to creamy during each feeding
W- Helps mother's weight loss by using extra calories; no need to worry about baby's food supply; encourages normal weight gain for baby; called "white blood" because of the life-giving properties
X- X-tra cuddling builds strong ties of love
Y- It's yummy, of course!
Z- These are only a few of the zillions of advantages of breastfeeding your baby!!!

Written by:  Mary Jo Rodgers, Andrea Meyer and Mary Clarke


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