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Pooh On Bottles

Little Pooh needed something.
"Darling Little Bear," said Winnie, who was a new sort of mother.
"Does he need a bottle?" asked all Rabbit's Friends and Relations.
"I am a bear of very large brain," said Mother Winnie. "I would never give my darling infant Little Bear the much processed, denatured enzymes of cows, designed to make little creatures grow fast in body but slow in mental capacity."
"Formula, I suppose," said Eeyore, sadly.
"No Soy," said Winnie.
"I haven't been called Sir before" said Eeyore, brightening just a little.
"I didn't mean to call you that," said Winnie.
"Just a mistake, I suppose," grumbled Eeyore.
"No Soy for the Darling Little Bear, No Sir," said Winnie. "The grossly excessive aluminum content in tins (of formula made from soybeans) can collect in the growing brain, perhaps causing such tragedy as Alzheimers Disease. I read about it in The Compleat Mother."
Little Pooh pushed up on his mother's red jersey, rooted at her soft
warm breast, and latched on eagerly.
"Aaaaaah," said Little Pooh.
"Aaaaaah," all Rabbits Friends and Relations sighed.
"The Compleat Mother, Yes Sir!" said Eeyore, and he smiled for the very first time.

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The Big Stretch DVD presents a fresh insight into the amazing journey each woman takes in becoming a mother.

Our sisters in Australia discuss pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenthood. This 60 minute film will melt your sox. $50 includes Air Mail postage.


Birth, Joy, & Raspberry Leaves
-a new video compiled by Catherine and Amanda Young
of The Compleat Mother

Go HERE for more information on the video!

How to Read
Compleat Mother

1. Begin watching for the mailman the first day of the month the next issue is due.

2. By day 10 start meeting the mailman on the porch and asking if he's sure there's nothing else in his bag for this address.

3. On the day that The Mother finally arrives, sit on the floor with it and give all other mail to the toddler (including the bills.) This is good for a full five minutes while child is busy sorting, tearing and chewing paper.

4. Scan every page to see what treasures lie within. Check articles for familiar names of friends you've never met. Check to see if there's anything written by you.

5. Nurse the baby and read Catherine's editorial because it's always interesting to see what's new  in her mind and her life.

6. Take The Mother in the car for your afternoon errands. Read at stoplights, stopsigns, and in parking lots when baby falls asleep.

7. Come home and nurse the baby. Completely ignore the fact that she falls into a deep sleep and  that maybe you could lay her down and do some laundry or pick up toys. Read until baby wakes and wiggles and grabs Mother from your hands.

8. Put on soup for supper and stand and stir and read.

9. Feed and bathe all the children and settle them down to sleep.

10. Climb into the rocking chair or bed with baby and Compleat Mother. Read the long pieces as baby drifts off into dreamland.

11 Run a nice hot, fragrant bath and crawl into the tub with Mother and a pen. Mark advertisers   whose catalogs you want or other readers you wish to contact. Continue reading until  fragrance evaporates and water turns cold.

12. Snuggle into bed with a flashlight to read Litters because it's lonely and chilly to be the only one still awake in the house.

13. At midnight, when you've read the last page, turn over to nurse the baby who is reaching for you in sleep. Lie awake and offer up a prayer of thanksgiving for the beautiful little ones  you've been given to mother. Remember all the details of your births. And think of all the other women who feel the same powerful urges and memories.

14. At 1:00am, wake up your partner to ask him wouldn't he like to have another baby...Wait for him to say "What!?!!" This will wake the nursling in your bed and she'll try again to nurse you to sleep. Drift off, feeling warm and connected, earthy and eternal.

15. Wake up the next morning to hungry children and a messy house. Remember why you stayed up too late. Fix a pot of oatmeal for everyone. Pour a cup of tea for yourself. And begin again at step #4.

                       sherri McInnis

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